The 2016 Election

Many years from now, historians will look back on the 2016 election as one of the most influential in history. Never before has a woman been the leading candidate for President from one party. In addition, Donald Trump is rewriting political theory textbooks across the country. He has never held elected office, but he has a certain populist appeal with millions of people across the country.

In a time where income inequality is a huge issue, both candidates have a net worth in the hundreds of millions. Both political parties have people who are not happy with the choices.

Lesser of two evils?

Many people feel like they are having to choose between the lesser of two evils with these candidates. On one hand, Donald Trump wants to deport millions of people and build a big wall across the border.

The other candidate is under investigation by the FBI. The United States is in deep trouble across the world with enemies who want to kill us. However, neither candidate has presented solutions to solve this issue. Over the long term, the country is the big loser from this election. None of the major issues facing the country will be solved. It seems as though the American people have resolved themselves to choosing between the lesser of two evils. In this election, that is a tough decision to make.

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The Economy

In many elections, the economy dominates the discussion. President Obama has been in office for 8 years, and many people would agree that the economy is better than when he took over. However, many parts of the economy are starting to show a lot of weakness. The bond rate in Germany just dropped below zero for the first time, and it seems like the Federal Reserve's policies of low interest rates are not working in the economy.

Whoever wins the election will have a lot of issues to deal with when they begin office. This is without the issues that we are facing overseas and at home with terrorists. One candidate wants to ban guns, the other candidate wants to ban all Muslims or Mexicans. It seems that neither choice understands that Americans want to feel safe without infringing on the rights of others.

No matter who wins, it is the country that is the big loser.

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