Is Kenyan IEBC under pressure?

The ongoing war of words, as well as violence surrounding the Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC), has reached a crescendo and we need a resolution to this before it gets way out of hand. We must mitigate the damage and needless loss of innocent lives so we don’t repeat mistakes of the last several weeks. First of all, let me start by being brutally blunt and calling it as I see it from my view. This is a manufactured crisis, pure and simple – this is purely a Human Resources Administrative matter blown out of proportion unnecessarily for political consumption.

Jubilee Vs Cord.

Jubilee should have gotten in front of this before CORD baited them with it.

Raila Odinga’s petulant temper tantrums lashing out against the IEBC over the failed OKOA KENYA referendum initiative have gotten the best of CORD and this needs to stop – bottom-line. The CORD followers are acting as rambunctious provocateurs while the Jubilee government is caught totally unprepared and rather than be pragmatic, they are compounding the problem by responding disproportionately with excessive police power instead, it isn’t helping much. I think this is a severe indictment of an inherently and hopeless dysfunctional government. All the three branches of government, i.e. Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary the consequences of which the rest of us are paying for in the form of corruption and a decaying society of which the current violent demonstrations is a perfect example.

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CORD is exploiting these systemic dysfunctions to advance its political agenda but at what price?

IEBC management is not blameless.

First, let me say that I am NOT for replacing IEBC commissioners but rather building a layer of oversight on them to hold accountable for their actions and restore public confidence in IEBC. We are not replacing the institution but addressing the management gaps within the institution itself. So this talk of IEBC reform is misplaced in my view. I am not giving the IEBC a pass or excusing them for their culpability in this mess because they themselves have done a lot to precipitate the crisis in the first place. They have themselves to blame as they have built plenty of discontent against the IEBC- a major segment of the public has lost confidence in the IEBC as the demonstrations clearly show but there has to be a reasoned sober way to resolve the impasse - God knows some of the commissioners are corrupt and incompetent which in turn is reflective of the entire commission.

The commission is as strong as its weakest link. Similarly, if the Jubilee government has corrupt and murderous folks in its official ranks, the entire administration is tainted. Be that as it may be, we still have to solve this problem.

My experience.

Like some of you, I have personally met IEBC Chairman Isaac Hassan many times and I consider him a friend because of our interactions. He is level headed and calm and I know he means well. God knows we have major differences. Many of us have a lot of pent-up anger and frustration in the way the IEBC has treated and toyed with us over the years with respect to our right to vote. They have purposely disenfranchised us and adamantly refused to move an inch to do their job of registering many Kenyans to vote. They have simply run the clock and dragged us through unending stories of this commission; so they have been derelict in their duty in more ways than I can explain here. My point here is that if there is anybody with genuine grievances against the IEBC it is us, the voters, not CORD. Not to minimize CORD’s case but let’s face it, theirs is self-serving and driven as a consequence of the failed OKOA KENYA initiative which we now learn that a significant number of the signatures they tried to pass to get the referendum approved were obtained from a SAFARICOM database and were not verifiable. #2BrokeGirls #AmericanPickers #Africa