I'd like to believe that the old saying "honesty is the best Policy" would be the best way to live life. However,the most realistic and effective way to get ahead in life usually requires a lie of some sort. Let me explain, and for the record, everyone has lied at some point in their life for various reasons. 

Is telling a lie ever beneficial?

Have you ever fabricated your experience in order to get a better job, or held back the truth to spare the feelings of a loved one? Some people may refer to this as a white lie. Well, regardless of how light or nice you try to make of those scenarios, they're all still lies. While you're negotiating in the back of your mind you're telling yourself what you will say, whether it's the truth or not in order to get the other participant to budge.

Common lies.

The most common lies are often stemmed from relationships and begin with infidelity. These are the lies that give lying a bad rep. Although the truth might set you free from guilt, it's not often that the truth presents the best outcome for the situation. Lies may cause the reItceiver to feel unjust or distrust and this is a natural reaction when acts of manipulation are involved, but ultimately the intent is what will restore the relationship. To lie is to intentionally make a false statement. Once you figure out what that person's intentions were for creating this lie you can determine the correct way to handle or feel about the situation. 

Analyze your lie.

No I am not condoning malicious deceit, just simply saying that the situation and intent determines the seriousness of the lie.

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Pick and chose wisely according to each situation to figure out when you'll benefit from telling a lie and when you'll hurt yourself or others from that lie. As for the receiver of the lie chose what you accept or not. We chose our feelings and those feelings create our actions. A lie is an attempt to control the outcome of a situation before it occurs, but we chose whether to accept that information or dig a little deeper. Someone can tell you what's in your package, but it's up to you to either look inside or just believe them.