Many friends have met me and propagated a new line of thought. At the risk of sticking my neck out, these thoughts need to be expressed. It is well known that Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities mentioned in the Bible which were destroyed by an act of God. No wonder the word sodomy is derived from these biblical names. Being gay was a crime all over the world and still in 75% of the nation's remains a crime. It is considered unnatural sex. In the west being gay is no longer a crime, but still there are many groups who look at this activity with distaste. Devout Christians abhor gay activities and the church is against it. Islam is dead set against homosexuality.

Only Hinduism is more tolerant.

Many in the liberal west look on homosexuality as against the law of nature and God. Outside the west this activity particularly in Islamic nations is severely punished. One can recollect that in Malaysia a cabinet minister was jailed for this crime and still languishes in jail. In India the Supreme Court has not decriminalized this act. With such strong emotions being roused, is it pertinent to have open display of same sex friendship like the Pulse club in Orlando? Granted that homosexuality is not a crime, but an aberration, yet open propagation of this activity in the form of clubs can be avoided. Such activities in the form of gay clubs is really asking for trouble.

A Christian priest who is my friend mentioned that homosexuality was against the law of nature.

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He further mentioned that in case God wanted to give a man companion to Adam, he would have created another man and not Eve. He could have also created another man with Eve for company. This is just a tale, yet the strong emotions this relationship arouses has to be taken into account. Now reports have emanated that the Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen had a deep aversion to homosexuality and was one of the reasons that took him to the Pulse Club. This has been mentioned by his father and ex-wife. One must realize that this activity need not be publicized. It's not a criminal act, but certainly not something to be flouted. Sadly even the US army is tolerant of gays and one wonders, whether the soldiers will fight or carry on gay activities. #Terrorism #history