No better illustration of how the two sides of the gun debate live in separate realities exists than how Gail Collins, the New York Times columnist, and David French, who writes for the National Review, approach a pressing question. Could people with concealed carry firearms have stopped the massacre that took place at the Pulse in Orlando?

On the con side, Ms. Collins, who likely has never handled a firearm in her life, suggested that the chaos of the opening attack would have caused people able to return fire to make things worse. To be sure, what could be worse than 49 people dead and over 50 maimed, Collins does not explain.

On the pro side, French, a veteran of the War in Iraq and a holder of the Bronze Star, points out that Omar Mateen spent three hours unmolested in the Pulse. He held hostages and paused in his murder spree to text his wife and check social media to find out how his reign of terror was playing. Even one good guy with a gun would have put an end to the massacre and Mateen hours before police finally did. French also noted numerous instances reported in the Washington Post during which armed civilians did indeed, contrary to Collins’ scenario, stop mass shootings before they started.

One might also add that strict gun control laws do not stop mass shootings, as the folks in San Bernardino, Paris and Brussels found out to their sorrow. Certain neighborhoods in Chicago, where guns are severely restricted, are free fire zones where 141 people were murdered in the first three months of 2016.

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The facts don’t seem to matter to gun control advocates like Collins, who imagine that the law is like a magic wand that can make all “assault weapons” vanish and stop all gun violence in America. One might counter, how has that approach worked for recreational drugs?

The real root cause of the slaughter in Orlando and other cities has been the rise of ISIS, an Islamist murder cult which had encouraged its adherents in the civilized world to commit mass murder for a particular place in Paradise. The solution is to apply the might and majesty of American and allied power to the problem and to annihilate it. Dead terrorists do not commit atrocities and do not encourage others to do so either. #Government #Terrorism #ISIS