A state of denial

I was born and raised in California and for the first time in my life, I did not cast a vote for a presidential nominee. I’ve had people tell (scream) at me that not voting is not an option. I disagree. Not voting became the option I chose to stop further harm to my country. Some people would say I am part of the problem and I would have to agree. My vote helped get us to where we are today. For clarity, I did vote on other issues, just not for a nominee. 

Now for the reasons

I live a few miles from where Christopher Stevens, the ambassador to Libya is buried. Attached to this article are the pictures I took shortly after he was laid to rest.

 As you can see, the flowers are gone and just the flags remain. At a recent visit the flags were gone as well.   

Ambassador Stevens’ headstone isn’t much to look at, just a bronze rectangle surrounded by other small rectangles in a dry Sierra Nevada foothill cemetery that gets little care. There isn’t any grass, just small stones, sand, dirt, and if you’re one of the lucky ones, a tree, and perhaps some shade for relatives who visit.

Last week, I stood back from the plot and tried to picture Hillary, or even Barack Obama standing next to Stevens' headstone while jets flew overhead and the sound of taps played in the background. Not that any of that happened, but I wanted to give the ambassador something, even if it came from my imagination. 

For me, the absence tells the tale

In October of 2012, there was a service for Ambassador Stevens in San Francisco, but neither President Obama, nor Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chose to appear.

Top Videos of the Day

Benghazi haunts me. #Hillary Clinton scares me. Just the fact that she could stand in front of the families of the fallen and presumably lie about how they died is unconscionable. The absolute audacity and egocentrism of the woman creates a chasm impossible for me to cross. I cannot vote for her, not now, not ever.  It is beyond me how anyone can vote for her. Just because she is a woman is not enough. 

Feelin' the Bern-ieee.

Then there’s #Bernie Sanders. He seems like a nice guy and his mantra, nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty, is nice too.  Having spent far too much time running my own successful business taught me a good lesson. Business is business. You pay employees what you can afford to pay them because if you don't, they will quit and you will have to hire someone else and start the training process over again. If you pay employees more than you can afford you will go out of business. If you manage to stay in business, your employees will face layoffs. 

It is that simple. While corporations like McDonalds post record profits, it is good to remember that they don't pay the employees who run the restaurants.

Franchisees do. So, what does the future hold? Automation and more record profits, this time for both the franchisor and franchisee. These jobs used to be for students working their way through college. They were never meant to support a family. A blanket statement like the one above is misleading at best.

The Drumpf

Lastly, I had Donald Trump or Drumpf as an option. The man is going to build a wall and while I agree with his sentiments, keeping illegal drugs, illegal refugees, and presumably terrorists out of our country, you can’t help but be put off by his egregious comments. The one thing this guy has is political incorrectness. I don’t like what he says, but I admire his courage to say it.  

Freedom of speech now rides the wave of hate speech. It used to be that one could say what they wanted and they had a right to say it. Now you can go to jail for hate speech or get kicked out of school for wearing a baseball cap that says Make America Great. This all but guarantees the offenders will soon join the non-violent inmates incarcerated within our penitentiaries. If that happens, corporations will have millions of low wage prisoners to use in our for-profit prison system bringing with it record profits. #Donald Trump