The gullibility factor

All the polls are showing Hillary Clinton ahead in the presidential election. Some by 4 percentage points others by 10 or more percentage points. I thought she'd be a shoe-in until Bernie Sanders appeared and then the e-mail debacle. How do you delete 30 thousand e-mails and not know about it? How do you not know you are on an unsecured server? If it is true she didn't know, then I question her ability to govern. You cannot be that gullible or that trusting as the president of the United States and expect to be effective.  

I am no Clinton fan. I take extreme umbrage to what happened in Benghazi and could never vote for her, not that I could vote for Trump, either.

 However, out of all the Republican candidates for president that ran, Trump had zero electability. Trump was picked by the media as the best candidate to run against Clinton to pave the way to a fairly clean election. If she doesn't get indicted then I doubt Trump has a chance and Hillary will take the presidential prize.   


Over the last few days I've talked to people overseas seeking answers to the #Brexit. I was taken aback at England's decision to leave the European Union and since I have author friends there, I asked. I was surprised at what I discovered. 

Less rather than more

One woman voted to leave because she's tired of being labeled a bigot when she remarks about the young women being groped by Middle Eastern males who don't know any better. Another went to visit her village and while walking down a street she was taken aside and told to cover up as her skirt and blouse were entirely too revealing.

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She thinks the refugee issue should be about less refugees rather than more. She added that their behavior, while it might be considered cultural by some, MOST find it offensive. She also felt that many refugees do not want to assimilate thereby creating enclaves of people who do not accept Western ideals. I did laugh a little when another told me she was offended by Brussels telling them to change their hairdryers and tea pots because they drew too many amps of electricity. But that was before I realized she was serious. #Donald Trump #Hillary Clinton