During a rally in Ohio, Hillary Clinton trotted out Sen. Elizabeth Warren to whip up the crowd with dripping red meat about how evil Donald Trump is and how fantastic the Democratic candidate by contrast is. A couple of takeaways can be derived from the spectacle.

First, Warren has all of the charisma and appeal to the liberal base that Clinton lacks. She knows how to make an angry speech and her left wing views are unsullied by the wink and nod that Clinton gives to her Wall Street backers. Warren really means it when she blames the ills of the country on the machinations committed by “rich guys” like Donald Trump.

Second, as previously reported, Warren is unlikely to be selected as Clinton’s running mate because of the purity of her liberal views.

The Wall Street bankers who have financed Clinton’s foundation and her political campaign can put up with her inveighing against the evils of the rich because they perceive that she doesn’t mean it. If she is elected to the presidency, she will make sure to help her friends and, of course, punish her enemies. Warren is driven by a conviction that the moneyed class needs to be reined in and made to bend the knee. Wall Street is not prepared to tolerate that.

Nevertheless, Warren brought a rare sense of excitement to a #Hillary Clinton event that otherwise might have lacked it. While Clinton often comes across as an annoying scold, Warren is regarded as the warrior princess of the left, ramming it to Donald Trump hip and thigh. The thought of an all-female presidential ticket was beguiling to many in the crowd.

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However, Warren is a polarizing enough figure that her presence would not be an unmixed blessing.

Trump, for his part, did not take the attacks unanswered. Within hours of the assault, he tweeted a reminder that Warren had lied about being part-Cherokee and suggested that her appropriation of a Native American identity that she did not possess was racist. If Trump is anything else, he is not prepared to be called names without calling them right back, twice as hard, as the saying goes.   #Election 2016 #Democratic Party