Donald Trump has been rightly lampooned for his fascination with conspiracy theories, from the idea the Barack Obama was born in Kenya to the even more bizarre idea that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was somehow involved in the Kennedy assassination. But, as it turns out, Hillary Clinton is not immune to conspiracy mongering as well. She believes that aliens have already visited Earth and that the government has covered it up. Vanity Fair suggests that this belief is being encouraged by John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman and former advisor to President Barack Obama.

Why two former top government officials would promulgate the government conspiracy and aliens conspiracy theory is a head scratcher of the first order.

One would think that people of the stature of Clinton and Podesta would have been read in on the conspiracy, in which case they would keep their mouths shut about it. That they were not privy to the grand conspiracy suggests that they were not considered all that important to the people who run the country to begin with.

The fact that Clinton and Podesta want to open the real-life version of “The X Files,” if such even exist, should prove as delicious campaign fodder for Donald Trump, who has proven shameless in his practice of attacking his enemies. A man with his problems with impulse control might even accuse Clinton of being a #Space alien and an illegal one at that. The twist on the immigration issue would be unique.

But Clinton has an ace up the sleeve, as it were. Instead of demanding that possible nonexistent secret government files be opened up that may or may not contain the truth about aliens, she should demand that the space program be ramped up and be given the mandate of finding the aliens in their native habitat.

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Let’s go back to the moon and go to Mars to look for evidence of space aliens. Let us send probes to the moons of the outer planets to look for alien life. Let’s build that warp drive that the folks as Eagleworks at the Johnson Spaceflight Center has been tinkering with.

And if, in a 100 or 200 years, we don’t find the aliens, then no matter. We will then be the space aliens, having spread our civilization across the solar system and hence the stars.  

To check out another view of the issue, check out the video below.

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