#Hillary Clinton is battling Trump and as things stand pollsters are stating that she is ahead of her opponent by a significant margin. This is good news for her supporters who feel the road is clear to the White House. Assuming that Hillary maintains her lead, she could be the the first woman to be president of the USA. As president she would automatically be the commander in chief of the armed forces, as well as control the nuclear button. This is serious business and one wonders with her #Health problems and lack of exposure to military matters, if she would be competent to hold the position.

Hillary as commander

For any military commander physical fitness is of prime importance.

Unfortunately reports are emanating that on the election trail she is not fully fit. She suffers from insomnia and has tried taking sleeping pills. Many times she has felt jaded and worried about her health condition. In particular her fainting because of a blood clot in her brain. Her doctors have certfied her fit, but doubts remain. On the campaign trail at times she is jaded and has suffered from migraine attacks. In her last attack, a blood clot formed in her brain and she fainted and was hospitalized. This is not a good augery for a person who is to be the C in C. What would happen in case of a real emergency?

The future

Hillary also has no experience of any military matters. Perhaps her husband Bill Clinton the ex-president will help out. He may in real terms be the de-facto president.

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This is not a far fetched thought as the only thing going in favor of Hillary is that she will be the first woman president of the USA. I am afraid, the American people cannot just propel her as president without thinking as to what will happen when she is the C in C of the armed forces. Being a chief executive who not only is the supreme commander but controls the nuclear button is serious business. The American people must beware of puting in the chair a person who has health problems and is a novice in military matters. #World Politics