What is gambling?

Gambling involves risking something of value on an uncertain event in hopes of winning something of much greater [VIDEO]value. #Football fanaticism has very much taken Center stage on this risky activity. The question is why killing yourself while the players hug each other after the match?


A few examples of people that have ended their lives promptly on gambling includes; a Ugandan young man in Mbarara district after losing a bet between Monaco vs Arsenal in their last Uefa Champions League where Arsenal lost 3-1. Sandy Muirhear a dad of two married for 39 years killed himself after he lost a gamble in Birmingham.

This year, a 50-year-old junior clerk man Muhammad Shafiq committed suicide in Old Anarkali. This happened after he lost his month’s salary on a bet on the cricket match between Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Delphi, a man was depressed over losing rupees in cricket betting. A 39-year-old man allegedly committed suicide by hanging from a tree near Parliament. A 23-page suicide note was found next to the body, police said. In 2011, a 26 year old man from South Eastern Part of Nigeria Andrew, committed suicide after Manchester United lost UEFA champions’ league to Barcelona.

Gambling attracts people because...

In my own opinion, gambling of any sort MUST be avoided by all. People are attracted to gambling if they are met within the following situations:

  • Fear/ Guilt – Many people live in fear of either lacking finances or losing friends
  • Anger- This is a situation of completely normal, unusual healthy human emotions.
  • Impatient- Many at times people are not patient with life. They always want to harvest immediately they plant. They are not able to engage themselves in long-term project.
  • Selfishness/greedy – Many people remain selfish and greedy; and therefore could wish to get more without working hard for it.
  • Idleness – Many people that remain idle most of the time are vulnerable to start engaging on gambling activities.
  • In-sensitiveness – People who gamble forget one fact; that there is losing as part of the bet. They gamble fully set to win and when they lose, they find it strange.
  • Low self-esteem – High self-esteemed people will always find better things to do to generate finances than engage on gambling activities.
  • Poverty – Poor people tends to find other better means to generate income and they end up engaging in the betting activities.
  • Lack of knowledge – Most of the people who kill themselves after losing a bet, lack knowledge on how to analyze gambling conditions.
  • Lack of belief – Most people lacks belief that they will make a better life through working hard and still belief they can become lucky through gambling.
  • Lack of concentration – Many people who lacks concentration and focus in their lives will end up trying to find luck in gambling.
  • Lack of self-discipline – People who are disciplined will not engage in gambling activities.
  • Interpersonal relationship – People who have issues with relationships will result in gambling activities to pass time but forgets the losing phenomenon.
  • Lack of financial management knowledge – Any money generated needs to be put into proper use. Where else will one find money to place bets?
  • Lack of positive vision – If you remain without a vision in your life, with what you do and how to do it, you will end up losing direction and end up joining risky gambling activities.

Find something good to do and avoid gambling.

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