Human beings are innatelycompetitive. Greed can be good for societies as the profit motive is real and it works. If someone wants something better for their family they are driven toimprovetheir current situation. Problem solving is genetically written into our DNA.We constantly compare ourselves to our peers. In my world, it's who has the next book coming out, did so-and-so make the Goodread's best cover list? Who writes faster, who writes better, who has more readers? You don't necessarily want to be first, but you definitely want to be on the list.

We do not like to be last

Take for example road rage.

It is all about who is faster and you don't even need to be first. You just need to outrun the person behind you so the bear doesn't eat you, an age old story that describes the race for survival to a tee. First has nothing to do with it. All you need to do is be better than the person behind you.

If you take away a person's ability to compete you are left with a frustrated society. You want to unleash the entrepreneurialspirit because it benefits society. If the entrepreneur succeeds we all succeed. Socialism and in many ways, communism is intended for the good of humanity and looks great on paper. Nobody owns anything and all belongs to the people. Civilians are protected by a benevolent government which oversees and makes sure each individual receives their proper benefits.

In the European Union, an experiment of socialist and competitive societies working together for the common good, we have seen the meltdown of Greece, a socialist country that overspent and had to go to the EU for a bailout. Spain and Italy are now running deficits and will soon need to restructure their debt.

They are living beyond their means and the tax payers, in this case, Germany, will pay the price. Eventually, the German peoplewill tire of picking up the tab and they will recoil from the constant drainage of their pocket book.

The Brexit is all about Britain leaving the European Union and recovering their sovereignty.

Most of the British people I know, are tired of supporting countries that do not contribute and they do not like bending to the will of the European Union. The Brits are a fiercely independent people. The next few weeks will be interesting to watch as the grand experiment plays out.

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