The United Kingdom has voted itself out of the European Union and the EU leadership is stunned. The EU leaders are shouting with one refrain that once the die is cast to leave the union, the English must act fast. The English decision to leave the EU is a body blow to the concept of a united Europe. The fact is the EU was based on a concept of unity by negating nationalism. The British decided that they could not be part of a Europe where they had no control over their borders. The main issue was the migration to the UK which the UK feared would change the demographic composition of the population. This fear is also in the United States and is exploited by Donald Trump. 

The older Briton

Britain has a proud history of not only dominating Europe but also the world.

It was the English Duke of Wellington who led the army that defeated Napoleon and exiled him to St. Helena. It was the English who stood alone in the years 1940-41 against Hitler when Europe had capitulated. The older British voter had a greater affinity with this nostalgic past and could not come to terms with a nation that had to open its borders to all and sundry. The biggest fear the older generation had was of being swamped by destitute people from Eastern Europe and Muslims who are the fastest growing religious group in the EU. France has 6 million of them and now more than 1.5 million have flooded into Europe from the Middle East. An open border policy would have meant open access to these millions to enter the UK. This was a great risk as France and Belgium with sizeable Muslim minorities is beset by terror activities.

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It is proved that Muslims even after years in their country of residence are not loyal to the land that has given them a livelihood. The USA which has less than 1% Muslims as part of its population is also in the same boat. Thankfully they are few in number and Obama would like to change that. Hence his flawed concept of getting as many Muslims into the US as possible and also his opposition to Britain leaving the EU. The older Britain citizen could not stomach his homeland being swamped with its resultant effect of international terror with its epicenter in the Middle East.

The future

Englands leaving the EU is a realization of ground realities which the EU nations led by Germany tried to bury in the sand. Germany is the powerhouse of the EU and the main spirit behind a united Europe. But in a way, its decision to allow almost a million Muslim refugees into Germany has backfired and cases are happening every day of assault and rape. Muslims are setting up ghettos and propaganda of a united Islam resounding all over.

Arms have been recovered from mosques. Germany thought that Muslim's would integrate with German ethos, but it should have taken a lesson from France where daily killings by French naturalized Muslims are going on. The older British resident thus decided that it was about time to reassert British identity and take control of its border. They do not want a repeat of what is happening in France. #ElectoralVote #Brexit