Democrats are wondering what Bernie Sanders is up to. He has said (maybe) that he will vote for Hillary Clinton and will work to defeat Donald Trump. But he will not officially endorse the presumed Democratic presidential nominee nor will he officially drop out of the race himself. Sanders, according to the Huffington Post, is darkly hinting at some political mayhem to take place at the Democratic National Convention over details in the party platform. Since that platform calls for the prosecution of climate change “deniers” in violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution, political observers wonder what more he might want.

Team Hillary would very much like for Sanders and his followers to bend the knee and swear fealty to the presumed candidate.

But they are also skittish about pushing them for fear that they will bolt, stay home, vote for a third party candidate, or (horrors) support Trump. Sanders and his fan base hate #Hillary Clinton as a phony liberal and, in their view, a sell out to Wall Street.

That leaves us with the question, what is Sanders up to? He cannot unless Clinton is indicted (and maybe not even then) become the Democratic nominee. Some have speculated that Sanders is running on a bruised ego, a sense of entitlement, and ideological zeal, persisting in being a tormentor of Team Hillary because, in the words of Cersei Lannister, it feels good.

Of course, Sanders wants to transform the #Democratic Party into a genuine force for socialism in America. He has a lot of eager followers who want to help him do that. But should he succeed, he will consign the Democrats to permanent minority status.

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Americans may be tempted by government largess, but they chaff at the restrictions and regulations that go along with it. The popularity of an openly socialist presidential candidate, according to some polling data, is right down there with Muslims and atheists. Socialism, to most Americans, means the Soviet Union or Venezuela. Hillary Clinton, who agrees with some tenants of the political philosophy, is shrewd enough to know that the label is toxic. Thus Sanders, who does not recognize this, continues to be a headache.   #Bernie Sanders