Ships do not only wreck themselves, but the lives on board also get wrecked. Long-standing dreams turn to dust as families  drown along with the ships. The Mediterranean Sea's waves are furious and the rickety vessels and boats cannot bear the brunt of the sea. The human traffickers have served their own purpose as they take advantage of the refugees. The #war-torn refugees are under compulsion to leave their homeland but the human traffickers just concentrate on grabbing illegal transportation money. These human smugglers are the worst enemies of the humanity. Host countries granting asylum to the refugees must take into consideration the facts and circumstances of the refugees and European countries must ease the sanctions placed on them.

When the borders are closed to the refugees, they are bound to seek entrance by illegal means.

Pope Francis speaks at the Vatican.

Pope Francis at the Vatican expressed his views in favor of the refugees. He set the doubts of the world at rest about the relocation of the homeless refugees when he made it clear that the people seeking shelter are not a threat to the European countries. He was of the opinion that the refugees themselves are living in dangerous conditions.

Dreams reduced to corpses.

The United Nations are bringing the bodies ashore from the Mediterranean Sea. In many instances, families are being treated worse than animals. Women are giving birth to children on board the boats and newborns die when the vessels and boats capsize, and the rescuers can only extend their helping hands to lift the bodies out of the water.

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The tension in European Countries is mounting because they are under threat by the Jihadists, so, border security has been tightened up to keep the war criminals away.  

Hope lingers on and eventually fades away.

The suffering of homeless people cannot be described in words. Their life savings have been lost and they are unable to supply their own basic needs. In their home countries the last morsel of bread has been snatched away from their mouths. Their children are starving to death and the conditions have forced them to beg. Poverty breeds #Crime and children are learning the habit of stealing. When all hope has gone they decide to risk death. This is why they are not afraid of taking the risk to board the boats.  

Living conditions are worsening.

The living conditions in the refugee camps are going from bad to worse. The USA is at the forefront to end war crimes in the world; hats off to this country for their efforts, but not every refugee is a war criminal. The war-torn refugees are penniless because the countries giving shelter to them do not allow them to work . Aid relief agencies are also running short of essential commodities so the situation is spiraling out of control, especially as the influx of refugees is mounting every day. #ISIS