Many Americans must be wondering as to what motivates a sane, educated man to become a suicide bomber. What drives him to kill himself in an act of sabotage or Terrorism? Probably the motivation is so great that a man is willing to sacrifice himself by an act that leads to the death of hundreds. Despite the horrific act, suicide bombers dominate the world and one was witness to the biggest attack of all of them on 9/11. Muslims who fight for Islam are called mujahedin. They are a motivated lot and their acts are broadcast every day. 

Concept of 72 virgins as reward 

Muslims believe that a man who spends a lifetime in service of Allah and Islam will be rewarded after death with 72 virgin wives and an unspecified number of boys.

This is explicitly mentioned in the Koran. The figure of 72 virgins is however not mentioned in the Koran, but in the Hadiths, which are the recorded words of the prophet as heard by his disciples. The Koran gives a detailed description and qualities of these virgin wives often referred to as " Houries." These virgin wives are extremely beautiful and have the power of regenerating their hymens. The description of the wives is sensual. They are supposed to be hairless with only eyebrows and extremely voluptuous with breasts that never sag. These virgin wives await the true believer who has sacrificed his life in the service of Islam at the gates of paradise. The Koran also says that an unspecified number of boys will be available to attend to the true believer.

The great motivation

The dream of having 72 virgins after death in paradise acts as a great motivator for a suicide bomber or terrorist.

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Most Muslims believe in this and despite an apologetic tone by some writers, many have concluded that the Koran does indeed refer to sensual pleasures. As the Koran is the word of God, Muslims believe that what is written is sacrosanct. Suicide bombers abound in Islam and one is not aware of suicide bombers in other religions. One can consider the Kamikaze attacks of the Japanese flying bombs during World war II as part of these acts, but the motivation was the defense of the homeland and certainly not the attainment of beautiful virgins. The US army abroad has faced many such attacks and even at home 9/11 is not the only act of terrorism. Muslims in the US army also are influenced by this rhetoric and  soldiers like Major Nidal who shot dead his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood easily come to mind. How can one break this concept? Presently it does look difficult, but a firm resolve to fight the terrorists and snuff it from its origin may do the trick. Maybe Donald Trump is the man who will do it, given a chance. However, only time will tell.