The bulk of the population is aging, our politicians are more plentiful in the over 50 crowd, and the new technologies are not always being embraced, So what does this mean for those that want to add to their income yet find themselves jobless in their senior years?

Social Media has brought the young and the not so young together with the ability for all ages to create a successful business. It takes time and effort to grow your social audience, so why not start with simple locations such as Facebook and Twitter?

Start with an Interest

What do Boomers like to do? I know this is a broad brush but the after 50 crowd has a plethora of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

There are two ways to go here:

  • Build a business on other people's products and sell to any audience
  • Create products and services that appeal to a wide number of Boomers

Find Your Audience

Use tools to find a good sized audience for your business. Use Facebook Insights and Ad Audiences to direct attention to your business as a starting point. This way you will know the size of the audience almost immediately. If the audience is too small, then adjust the niche you were about to promote. There is no sense in developing products no one wants to buy!

Find Viral Content in Your Niche

Woodworking is a niche that attracts many people from many walks of life. The demographic is very difficult to define yet the audience is huge.

Use a tool such as the free version of BuzzSumo and type in a keyword for your niche and you will find articles that have gone wild. This viral content is where you want to start looking at what is the big deal for this article.

If you are re-starting your income stream then start with what is working and not something you think the market wants.

Go where the money flows and then when your income starts to come in you can expand in other ways.

The Key

Work every day on your new venture, resist thetemptation to do others things. Create a plan, learn as much as you possibly can, learn from experts and do not buy every product to market your business.

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