In one of the most unexpected elections, citizens of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. As a result of the Brexit, a political cloud of uncertainty has risen as global markets take a massive hit, Scotland and Northern Ireland leaders are discussing leaving the UK while Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation.

Trump's rise to power.

As the world watches in shock, a similar situation is happening in America with the 2016 Presidential Election. Donald Trump's rise to power has been the result of his anti-establishment rhetoric and outsider status. Bernie Sanders had a similar movement on the left during the early days of his campaign.

Meanwhile, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party has also been gaining popularity as an alternative to Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Something in common.

What do these two political movements have in common? Both of these are the result of a growing anti-globalization movement that has gained major support following the 2008 Economic Crash and the slow recovery.

Case Against Globalization.

In theory, globalization is suppose to benefit the world as it connects nations through technology and trade. In practice, globalization has been abused by multinational corporations and political leaders to move industries into the developing world and exploit the work force. The negative effects of globalization could easily be seen in the Rust Belt region of the United States as the manufacturing industry left following the signing of NAFTA and other free trade agreements.

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This created a series of economic problems that started with massive unemployment in the region while shifting

At the same time it opened the workforce to exploitation as those who kept their jobs had to accept pay cuts out of fear of being laid-off. Labor unions have lost their political influence and are no longer able to defend the working class. The end result has been one of the worst rates of income inequality that has stunted social mobility while any chance of prosperity is found through birth or nepotism.

Revolt Against Globalization

Since the 2008 Economic Crash, those who have lost everything or are struggling to get survive have only been told to “work hard and stop being lazy” by those who escaped the hardship. President Obama campaigned on a promise of change but all the wealth has gone to the top while America is in talks to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership. David Cameron came into office on a promise of fiscal responsibility only for the austerity to cause more harm to the economy.

For a generation that lost the dream to globalization, this is the last stand they are going to take to bring back economic stability. Trump has denounced the Trans Pacific Partnership while promising to fight against outsourcing and Wall Street. Many in the United Kingdom saw the Brexit as a way to stand up against the globalized economy.

The generations.

The older generation voted to leave the EU because they saw their comfortable middle-class life destroyed when globalization allowed their employers to outsource their livelihood. To them, this was a way to end this exploitation and return the power of the economic freedom to the workers. To label supporters of the Brexit as racist / xenophobes is just a demonstration of ones ignorance about globalization or the inability to take the issue seriously. The younger generation voted to stay in the EU because of all the incentives it offers to entrepreneurs and tech startups. However, many of them live in a fantasy world where they think that maybe one day they will become the next Tech billionaire. This is a generation living in an unpredictable workforce or trying to survive in the shared economy.

If voters did make the right choice by leaving the EU evidence of this will take time but it must be noted there is a revolt against globalization. Brexit shows that new reform and regulations are needed to protect the working class unless Western leaders welcome a Trump presidency. #Election 2016 #World Politics