For some time now, the mainstream media has pointed at Violence outside Trump Rallies and then, using some form of circular logic, arrived at the conclusion that Donald Trump's rhetoric has incited the violence. Trump's "rhetoric" consists of popular and common-sense proposals, such as "temporarily" halting immigration from countries that have been virtually taken over by ISIS and other radical Islamic groups, and his proposal to build a wall at our southern border to stem the flow of illegal immigration. Trump's proposals obviously make sense to the many millions of voters who made him the presumptive Republican nominee for President. 

Trump does lose his temper.

Yes! Trump has been guilty of losing his temper at protesters who make their way inside the rallies to cause trouble.

His rhetoric, however, has only encouraged his supporters to use physical means to defend themselves and only if they need to. He has never seriously condoned violence over opposing political views; to even suggest that is preposterous.

Objectives and strategies: Left versus Right

While Trump's proposals make sense to his many millions of supporters, these same proposals are an apparent anathema to America's Political Left. The political Right, in this scenario, is focused on keeping Americans safe from terrorists and on enforcing common-sense laws that require people to be here legally before they can participate in our democracy. The political Left, on the other hand, appears to be afraid to "upset" terrorists who have clearly stated that they are our enemies and want Americans dead and the Left seeks to appease undocumented immigrants, ignore our laws and legalize any of them who are likely to vote Democratic.

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No reason to apologize.

As I see it, America, in spite of President Obama's best efforts, still has the best trained and equipped military force in the world and we still have the strongest economy of any free nation on earth. Still, we have every reason to fear both our sworn enemies and those who seek to use our democracy to their personal advantage. We as a nation certainly have no reason to apologize for our hard-earned wealth, our economic success or the fact that we want secure borders.

Thugs from the Left.

Who are the violent troublemakers at Trump rallies? Not the Trump supporters! The troublemakers are the thugs from the left who have been, in many if not most cases, Paid to cause trouble. Even though everyone in the national media is aware of this, the big media organizations strive to keep alive the lie that Trump's proposals are akin to hate speech and that the anti-Trump rioters are somehow justified in bloodying anyone who disagrees with them.

Why are these "Never-Trumpers" so hell bent on keeping a Common-Sense Conservative out of the White House? I believe it is because they realize that a free-market, small government, America-First, Conservative president will take away many of the "freebies" that 8-years of an Obama administration has provided to them.

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