When, inevitably, four “common sense” gun control measures went down in flames on the floor of the Senate, Sen. Chris Murphy, whose filibuster forced the votes to begin with, decided to react with a typical lack of grace. According to the Washington Post. He accused Republicans of wanting to sell weapons to ISIS. American gun owners, who were the actual targets of the legislation, are not going to be too happy with the comparison.

On one level, even if most of the measures had passed, they would not have passed constitutional muster. No one can have their constitutional rights taken away solely by being suspected of something.

Only the amendment proposed by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, which would have required the Justice Department to prove to a judge that a particular American was too dangerous to be allowed to own a gun but not dangerous enough to be placed under arrest, had a chance of surviving a court challenge. The Cornyn amendment, which preserved the right of due process, failed largely on Democratic votes.

Murphy’s wild accusation that Republicans who do not favor flouting the 2nd Amendment are somehow soft on ISIS is so ludicrous that the person uttering it might need to be denied a firearm on mental health issues. Indeed, the votes took place against a backdrop of the Obama administration trying to redact references to ISIS, Allah, and Islam from transcripts of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s 911 calls.

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The president has been rightly accused of being unserious about pursuing ISIS both for its lack of concern for pursuing possible operatives like Mateen in the United States and prosecuting the war against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Murphy comes from a deep blue state, so he is not likely to suffer from his ravings about Republicans wanting to run guns to ISIS. But his words could be hung around any Democratic candidate running in a red state or a swing state. With the proper ads, Murphy’s wild accusations could help to sink Democratic hopes to retake the Senate, no matter who prevails in the presidential race.    #Government #Terrorism #Democrats vs Republicans