The presidential election at the end of this year will in all probability be between #Hillary Clinton and #Donald Trump. Just for the record the unfavorability rating of Trump is 65% and that of Hillary is 55%. This points to a clash where both candidates are not exactly loved by the American electorate. Nevertheless it will be a titanic battle more like a duel between two Roman gladiators of yore. Who will win is the question. One point needs emphasis and that is that despite the unfavorable ratings of Trump, people are coming out of their homes to vote for him.

The battle

Many in America did not want to vote for Trump, but he overcame the odds and boxed out all his opponents including Ted Cruz.

The fact is that many people, the faceless Americans, have come out and voted for Donald despite his favorability being low. Are the figures put out by the pollsters correct ? Probably the reason so many have voted for him is that people want an anti-establishment  candidate: there is so much corruption around and many people are feeling threatened and for them Donald may be the man to do the trick. Donald has committed support and the whites for once feel he is their man. Islamophobia is doing the rounds though there are less than 1% Muslims in America. Again Obama has not exactly endeared himself with his remarks on pluralism and the place of Islam in American society. Hillary represents the status quo and she has an indictment hanging over her head and that will have an effect, no doubt.

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The winner

As things stand it's hard to say who will win. Hillary has the establishment behind her as well as the female vote. Her support of Hispanics and coloreds, as well as big business, not forgetting the Democratic caucus, will certainly help her. In addition, she will garner the support of Republicans who hate Donald Trump and there are many of them. But one point that is overlooked is that Donald by his rhetoric has struck a cord with the faceless American: he is compelled to come out and vote because he feels threatened. This is the clue and despite all odds, Donald Trump may well win the coming election. The American citizen wants a change and many feel that what Donald says is not idle talk, but very relevant to the time. Many also feel that Hillary is corrupt because of her close association with wall street. The coming election may well surprise all the pollsters.