A historic referendum has broken a 40-year dream; a dream which was really divorced from reality. The concept of the EU was more utopia and in a way divorced from reality. It basically meant that one nation would be forged out of some 40 nations and there would be united states of Europe like the United States of America. The utopian concept did not cater to economic disparities and nationalism. In addition, it did not visualize a declining birth rate leading to a need for an immigrant workforce. Thus, Muslim refugees upward of one million flooded Europe creating a demographic as well as a law and order problem. The UK was alarmed at these developments and the result is that the UK has voted itself out of the EU.

Factors that will break EU

There are so many factors that have contributed to this disenchantment of the UK with the EU. The fact is that many nations who are members of the EU are either bankrupt or near bankruptcy and this means the richer nations must support these economies. An example is Greece which is not only beset by Muslim refugees but is also economically bankrupt. Eastern European nations are also in the same boat, not forgetting the near bankruptcies of economies of Italy and Spain. The only nation to benefit is Germany which is the powerhouse of Europe and for pride and position shore up the bankrupt economies. The exit of the UK may have a domino effect and many more nations could leave the EU.

Uncertain future ahead

The question that plagued the UK was how much of its freedom would be eroded and what would their role be in an EU with Germany, the king, and master.

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The UK also could not accept the free influx of Muslims into its borders as envisaged by the concept of one Europe in the EU. The problem of Muslim refugees will not end as the EU has a low birth rate, much below the figure needed to stabilize the population and the result is a lack of labor. The only source is to induct Muslim refugees, but this is fraught with great risk as it is proved that these Muslim groups have never integrated with the European culture. An example is France and Belgium which has sizeable Muslim minorities and they create mayhem and terror in their adopted nations. The economies of almost a dozen countries are suspect and add the labor shortage and open borders for people to travel has acted like a red rag to a bull. Nationalism is to the fore and I am afraid the concept of one Europe is over.  Already far right groups in France and the Netherlands are calling for an exit from the EU. The only nations wanting in are the poor European nations. How long will this charade carry on? The UK has gone and Switzerland is having a rethink on joining the Union. The cat is out of the bag and it will be like Humpty Dumpty -- difficult to put the pieces together again. #Immigration #Policy