The recent vote by the British people to remove Great Britain from the European Union under the Brexit referendum has stirred the passions of secessionists the world over. Other European countries, chafing under the dictates of Brussels, may follow Britain out the door. Then, as the Texas Tribune reports, there is the matter of Texas. Texas, a deep red state, has been at odds with the federal #Government even before President Barack Obama. #Obama’s decidedly hostile attitude toward the Lone Star State and the oil and gas industry and his immigration policies has caused a few people in Texas to wonder whether it might be time for secession and the declaration of a republic again.

Former Gov. Rick Perry once joked about breaking Texas away from the Union.

Of course, unlike with the European Union, no legal framework exists for states to leave the American union. When a group of states tried it in 1861, the effort ended badly for all concerned.

On the other hand, one can dream.

A significant number of eastern elitists might be willing to see Texas gone, considering how its free market example has proven to be such an irritant. New York Times columnist Gail Collins once wrote a book about how evil the Lone Star State is and how pernicious its effect is on American politics, in her view.

One wonders what President Obama would do in the event of a dangerous move by Texas to secede. Would he hum and haw like President James Buchanan? Or would he call out the garrison at Fort Hood to restore order and launch drone strikes on Gov.

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Greg Abbott and other Texas politicians? With Obama, one never knows. He would likely take half measures, just as he has in the Middle East.

Donald Trump, for his part, laughed off the idea of Texas secession. Texas, after all, loves him, and when he is president, all will be patched up. Trump may be exaggerating, as he tends to do, especially in regards to the large Hispanic population in Texas. Texans are also smarting over the rough handling Trump gave Ted Cruz. But he does have a kernel of a point. A Trump Administration would likely be very friendly to the economic interests of Texas, far more that Obama has been.