You can't make rabbits disappear by calling them skunks

Terrorists have a specific mindset. They believe the world is out to get them i.e., they are paranoid and sometimes with reason. They are angry and feel disenfranchised, thereby allowing us to put Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber and Osama bin Laden, the organizer of 9/11 in the same sentence. 

Generally, their anger is specific and has a universal appeal. Terrorists work for a higher power such as nationalism, religion, and even political parties. Their's is a potent brew of ideas and idealism perpetrated on those who do not believe in their particular vision.

They believe they can change things by force, a call to arms, or suicide.

Whether or not we buy into the mindset is irrelevant. Human beings are designed to worship. Whether it be money, or material things, religion, or our families, we worship that which brings us pleasure even at the expense of another. 

Imagine if you will, the Orlando shootings

Here is a young man, perhaps gay, brought up in an autocratic household. His religion denigrates his desires and this young person has no idea how to deal with the feelings running rampant within him. He has no one to turn to except his religion, certainly his father would never understand. And so he learns to hate himself. He marries twice, has a child, a son I'm sure he adored. Perhaps he looked at the child and thought he'd never be a good enough father.

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His religion or ideology or extremism tells him to commit Jihad which is war against unbelievers. This is what he did, thereby saving himself and the honor of his family.

It is our sorrow that we have perpetrated one horror after another onto their homelands for oil. Many of these uneducated human beings have no idea there is another world that awaits them if they would only open up their minds and hearts. Many of us do not understand their hatred when it is quite simple. It is much like the hippocratic oath:  

First do no harm. 

As a nation we have failed miserably.  #Obama #Terrorism #Hamas