The gridlock in Congress since President Barack was elected, heightened by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ramrodding Obamacare through in lightning speed put the nails in the coffin. Of course, Senate Majority Leader Mitch O’Connell ridiculous statement about making Barack a one-term president had as much to do with the lack of cooperation as anything.

Where are the Americans?

These people stopped being Americans and started being partisans a long time ago. The national debt has grown to as a result to more than $19 trillion. Yet spin doctors tell all who will listen, the debt is shrinking. The United States is engaged in perpetual war that is costly, makes enemies around the world and is under reported.

A Republican started the war with bipartisan backing; ironically, a senator who voted against the war originally, has continued it out of the public’s eye. While Congress inks continuing resolutions to fund military misadventures, lawmakers will not fund a budget to fix bridges or improve America’s rail line.

Non-voters at fault

Who is to blame? It is not the elected officials; they are doing what they have done throughout their careers. It’s the voters. Ninety-five percent of House members were reelected in 2014 as were 82 percent of Senators.

Responsibility also lies, perhaps most culpability, with non-voters. Only 42 percent of registered U.S. voters elected the 535 members of today’s Congress in 2014. That is the lowest since Jimmy Carter’s midterm election. A whopping 55 percent reelected President Obama in 2012.

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Pew Research shows the United States 31st among the 34 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, most of whose members are highly developed, democratic states.

Where were all the others? Do they not care or do they feel their vote doesn’t matter? If Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Donald Trump are the best the established political parties have to offer, the vote is for evil. Remember the lesser of two evils is still evil. The answer is a write-in vote.

Since it is established Democrats and Republicans have given the system to the dogs, why not have an expert run the system? Enter Benny, a rescued beagle mix, for president in 2016.

From rescued to rescuer

Benny was first rescued from Mississippi as a pup after floods ravished the area. He was then transferred to the Washington Animal Rescue League where a family claimed him and returned him a few days later – he had a rambunctious youth. Finally, a brown-eyed beauty in Maryland saw the beagle at WARL feel in love.

Of course she didn’t understand why the staff said she could take him right now at no charge.

Twenty-four hours later her husband reminded her, they did not return dogs. With a little patience, training of his people, lots of food and huge medical bills, Benny was part of the family. Now he is ready to serve the country that took out of the field, covered with ticks and fleas, cleaned him, nursed him, fed him and loved him. Unlike Ted Cruz, Benny was born in America. He just celebrated his 42 birthday, through the conversion. Benny for president in 2016; after all, the beagle is neither Clinton nor Trump.

Benny has a jobs program. Like FDR’s CCC, Benny will have the unemployed build dog parks in every community of 5,000 people or more. Benny has a peace program: If they don’t bite him, them won’t bite them. Benny is compassionate kind and trustworthy. Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Donald Trump speak for themselves.