Every year we are increasingly closer to coexisting with robots, one man’s dream and another man’s nightmare. Be that as it may, artificial intelligence is a part of our technology-dependent lives. As ironic as it can get, we strive to develop high-end technology, trying to reach the perfect AI. I did speak about such situations where people would eventually lose their jobs to robots. Corporations are continuously looking for profit and the best way to reach them is to invest in technology, which is now employees’ nightmare.

Truth be told, machines might do their job better and faster than us, helping companies and corporations save funds in the long run, and this shouldn’t be taken lightly by the hard-working people who give their best in order to put food on their table for their families.

Let’s take a look in the past

  • At the beginning of 2015 there was a big movement of hiring robots for hotel-related tasks. About 10 androids were hired by the Henn-na Hotel to welcome guests, carry their baggage or to handle the cleaning.
  • Yuji Honkawa, former employee at Tokyo’s Stock Exchange responsible with transactions, told his story of how he was fired after 20 years of hard work, being immediately replaced by a robot capable of doing his job faster. According to his story, about 80% of the company’s employees were replaced due to technology.
  • Dacia, a Romanian car brand announced last year that many people in the development department would be fired, as their responsibilities would be taken by machines. As some people were able to work in this type of industry most of their lives, such news can only be described as horrible, as it would be difficult for them to adapt to a new profession.
  • Back in Japan at the Hitachi Company, one robot is in charge of a department managed by people. The robot’s artificial intelligence is able to give them tasks in order to increase efficiency and a test showed that efficiency went up 8% compared to the one coordinated by a human. The AI developer of this robot believes that an impartial and predictable judgment makes the robot a good boss. However, a professor at Harvard Business School, Teresa Amabile, believes that an environment where people make mistakes is essential to making employees more productive and happier, which is difficult to attain in the presence of a rigid machine.

Do we actually need them to go that far?

Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, said that people would eventually become robots’ pets.

People do tend to do less work and wish to be taken care of by someone else or, why not, something else. This would be one of the reasons why technology increases so fast, being capable of doing a man’s job. As ironic as this may sound, people might get what they asked for, and that would be an AI capable of interacting with us without asking too many questions. The idea does look like it would strike back.

If machines were able to do the tasks of humans, then it wouldn’t be so surprising if people were fully replaced by robots.

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