Why raise tuition fees?

Tuition fees are once again rising which is going to make it a lot harder for students who want to go to university. Not only are students going to be in enough debt when they finish higher education now, David wants to double the amount.

Students cannot afford it as it is now and are struggling with finding jobs. Many of them will not be able to go and live out at university anymore, as grants are being taken away from them as well. We are already paying 9k a year for our courses and some of the teaching we get is not even worth that much.


We are basically paying so much money for them to click onto the next slide, when we have not finished with our notes and giving us hardly any help when it comes to writing our essays. 

What education will we have?

David Cameron is doing nothing to help future students to receive an education. By him rising the cost of tuition fees and getting rid of grants who is really going to be able to afford going to university? This means that there are going to b less doctors and nurses, as people are not going to have the money to go and get an education.

People are going to be better off finding a good job after they leave sixth form or start an apprenticeship. Looking back now, I wish that I was doing an apprenticeship because getting a job is just too hard. That way if you are working and going to college at the same time you are getting the experience you need for the job at the same time. 

I just don't see why we need to pay so much for an education? Everyone will look down at you if you have not been to university, and those who have been to university are finding it hard to find a job in the filed that they were studying.


I think that there needs to be a lot more help out there for students. 

Help for students

More summer jobs, internships and universities could be helping to actually give their students a placement for a short amount of time, just so that they have a little bit of experience for when they leave university. This would then help them a lot more to find something after they have finished their degree

University is not always the answer to everything. Yes, it is good if you have a degree. It is about enjoying ourself at the same time though and not being worried about if you are going to get a job or running out of money before the term even finishes. 

Students are basically struggling just for the sake of getting an education