The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released their 499 page "deeming regulations" for vaping products on May 5th, showing how they will regulate vaping products in the United States. Since devices are now classified as a "tobacco product" (with or without nicotine), they are now able to be regulated by tobacco laws up to and including taxation.

Swift reactions from consumer and industry groups

United States vaping industry and consumer associations have officially announced their coalition to "pursue legal and legislative strategies" against the FDA after they released their "deeming regulations" on e-cigarettes and vaping products.The coalition includes two consumer groups, The "Consumer Advocates For Smoke-Free Alternatives" (CASAA) and "Not Blowing Smoke" (NBS).

The three industry associations are Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), The American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) and The American Vaping Association (AVA).

The FDA ignores tobacco harm reduction

Consumer groups and industry organizations are questioning the regulations on many points, including the public health aspect. There are studies and scientific evidence of less harm in users. One study by Dr. Cranfield in 2015 showed improved health effects with users and "long term effects" of vaping are positive.

The U.K. is taking a pro-active harm reduction approach with these products. Last year, a report by Public Health England (PHE) stated vaping products are "around 95% safer than smoking." The Tobacco Advisory Group at the Royal College of Physicians just released their report "Nicotine without smoke" in May of this year, both endorsing and promoting the use of vaping products with traditional methods in the United Kingdom.

What United States consumers and businesses can do

Social media is just one way vapers are staying informed. As a consumer needing information, you can join a local, state or national organization like CASAA or Not Blowing Smoke for free. As a business owner, joining a trade organization will keep you informed at your state and national level to any pending "calls to action".

Businesses can keep customers who may not be online aware of legislation, assisting with swift and up to date information and education in the political process.

Politics of vaping

There is still a political fight these organizations and informed consumers are ready for, and it's got Congressman Tom Cole's (R-OK) name on it.

Cole introduced H.R.2058 last year to change the date set in the FDA's regulations. Cole released a statement in reaction to the regulations on May 6th: "This regulation takes an overly-broad approach to regulating these products" and stated his bipartisan amendment will provide new tobacco products with the same framework without "needlessly subjecting small businesses to unnecessary regulations and without treating law abiding adults like naïve children.”

Is corruption causation for regulations?

The film A Billion Lives will focus on just that. Back room deals, corruption, and involvement of pharmaceutical and tobacco companies to alter opinions. Major health organizations coercing the public to support these regulations for the sake of "public health." According to the film's trailer, when it comes to vaping: "You are being lied to."

"A Billion Lives" will premiere in New Zealand on May 11th, 2016.

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