The US presidential election

The US Presidential election process has been a long and tortuous affair this time. In particular, Donald Trump has divided Americans and alarmed many across the globe. Even the British premier David Cameron was none too happy and only now grudgingly congratulated Trump. Muslims are in general unhappy as this man has been mouthing extreme views like restricting entry of Muslims to the US and giving the Muslim terrorists a taste of their own medicine. Many in America are opposed to Trump and write-ups in the Huffington Post regularly berate Donald for taking on the 1.6 billion Muslim community. It's a divided America as many in America attack Trump for his 'fascist' policies.

Despite this Trump has crossed the magical figure of 1237 delegates and is on his way.

Hindu support

Trump has however picked up massive support globally from the 1.2 billion Hindus. Most Hindu minorities like in Sind ( Pakistan) and Bangladesh are facing the wrath of Muslim fundamentalism. Globally most Hindus distrust Islam and are thus happy that Donald Trump is the Republican candidate. They feel Donald is on their side and will take Muslim extremism head-on.This support is manifest in many ways, by prayer meetings and articles on websites. Recently a photo of Trump was posted on Facebook, showing him sitting on a Lotus. This flower is considered sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism.There is the interesting tale of the great emperor Ashoka after conquering Kalinga in 2 BC, captured a monk and instructed that he be thrown into a cauldron of burning oil.

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The Emperor was awed when he saw a lotus flower bloom out of the cauldron of scalding oil and allow the Monk to sit on it. This is the background of this photo of Trump sitting on a lotus. Donald may not have much to cheer about this support as many politicians and rights activists are targeting Donald. Even President Obama has cautioned against Donald's victory. Many of his meetings have been disrupted, pointing to an extreme division in the weeks to come.

Likely victor

Some Americans and many in the world are  surprised at this support for Donald Trump from the Hindus. The Bhartiya Janta Party the Hindu revivalist party now in power in India also has the lotus as its symbol and there is no secret that they are happy if Trump coasts home as the victor. Many Hindus are comparing Donald to Vishnu the supreme Hindu deity as the destroyer of evil. Looking at the election and the division in American society, one can see that it will be an acrimonious affair. Attitudes have hardened in America and the Hindu support will not matter much in the US election. The attacks on some of the  rallies of Donald by his opponents is a sign of the division in American society. The Republican candidate is however a pragmatic man and one can see a slight shift in his approach.  There is thus a good chance that Donald Trump may be the surprise of the 21st century. #Election 2016 #World Politics