The well respected Royal College of Physicians has done their homework. They have released a 206 page report encouraging the use of e-cigarettes as another choice for smokers. Last year, Public Health England released their evidence as well. They have made tremendous progress in the tobacco harm reduction and public health field. Far from failing, if less smoking is the goal, they're on target. They do not want smokers to fail.

What U.S. health organizations are doing

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network is doing things like this:

Evidently, they like dirty ash trays.

There is no organization in the U.S. who has endorsed e-cigarettes as a way to stop tobacco use. Instead, they say things like "we don't know enough" and claim there's no long term research. They claim e-cigarettes need to be regulated and taxed like tobacco (to replace falling cigarette sales). What they really want is smokers. After all, smokers help pay government bills with "sin" taxes. Campaigns from every direction in government and health tell smokers: nicotine is addictive. Drug companies sell inferior nicotine products like the patch and gum to organizations, who are (in part) funded by the government to give those products to people at reduced or no cost. They'll blame the smoker for not trying hard enough if they can't quit.

Not one whispers the dirty little secret -- those products have a failure rate as high as 93 percent.

They want people to smoke

What the U.S. Government is doing

Senator Blumenthal is doing things like this:

What a "tobacco control" expert is doing

Stanton Glantz knows e-cigarette regulation will have kids smoking:

Less tobacco use is the goal

If less smoking is the goal, they certainly wouldn't want smokers to fail, would they?

If they wanted success and less smoking, the Centers for Disease Control, the Federal Drug Administration, every politician and every "health" organization would be on the phone. They would talk immediately with their counterparts "across the pond" to find out what they "don't know" to reduce tobacco like they claim they want to.

They would get their hand on every piece of research out there. That is their job, isn't it?

A Billion Lives

Why are the U.S. Government and health organizations failing smokers about e-cigarettes? The question is rhetorical. The answer is because they think they can get away with it. There is a film that may answer some questions about the e-cigarette debate. The film "A Billion Lives" will debut May 11th at the Doc Edge Festival in New Zealand. Answers are coming, more questions may arise. Their film is scheduled to be released later this year in the United States. Here is the trailer:

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