lThere is a lot of talk about gun control lately.  Every time there is a random incident, a mass shooting or other horrific event that happens, the left-leaning pundits and network news agencies who are directed by their influence, take advantage of the situation and start spouting the need for stricter gun control. They go off on rants about how guns kill and that no one should own them; society would be so much better off without them.

The problem is people.

Certainly the world would be a less deadly place without weapons but that is not the world in which we live. It all started so very long ago with clubs and baseball bats, bows and arrows and then slingshots, knives and brass knuckles and then zip guns and now real guns.

The problem we all agree is not the guns but some of the people who own them. Those with serious mental issues, those with unstable or deviant personalities, and of course, the largest swath of criminal element who don't abide by laws anyway. It is that criminal element who pose the greatest danger; those who use guns in the commission of a Crime, not the law abiding citizens who own them to defend themselves and their families from just that segment.

Innacurate reporting bias.

More guns save lives than take them but you rarely hear about it because of the innacurate reporting bias. And that in itself is hypocritical. If the left segment of society is so liberal and believes in and preaches equality, fairness and political correctness, how can they in good conscience try and remove our 2nd Amendment Constitutional right? That defies logic as does the notion of disarming a nation; stripping away the rights of its citizens under the veil of protecting them.

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The rationale behind it all is not for a safer existence for people, but rather to create the inability of a population to defend itself from tyranny.

Fascist action on Americans. 

The UN small arms treaty if imposed on our country, would mandate confiscation of weapons owned by civilians. What right do they have to even consider inflicting that kind of fascist action on Americans? Those who are intent on creating a new world order based on socialism, fascism and totalitarianism probably have not met the real Americans who are well aware of that agenda and who will not sit idly by and relinquish their freedom under the false guise of protectionism. And those politicians who moan the loudest about the evil of guns all have bodyguards who are armed, ironic?

Training makes gun owners safe.

I must say though that anyone who owns a firearm must train, understand and abide by the law. Training makes you safe and proficient and is the one thing that cannot be negotiable. It also keeps those around you safe.

Firearms are very serious business and must not be taken casually; they are to be respected. We don't get into a car the first time without instruction and training. We don't fly an airplane without training. Owning a firearm without training is stupid and dangerous and is unacceptable.

Gun control aimed at the right people.

The gun control we need must not be imposed on our lawful citizens but on the criminals who procure them illegally and who have no regard for civility and life. The NRA had it right when they suggested placing armed guards in schools so that maniacs like that kid in Connecticut could never even get in and create the horrific carnage that has scarred us all. Gun free zones are open targets that let violent offenders penetrate with no resistance and cause mass destruction of human life. We have armed defenders at airports, train stations and other places where folks are vulnerable to violent criminal acts; why don't we protect our kids in schools? The old adage of fighting fire with fire holds true and needs to be in place. It is a matter of life and death.