It seemed befitting that the series finale of "The Good Wife" would air on Mother's Day. The buzz this morning seems to indicate viewers were disappointed. But they may have missed this point.

The series started and ended with a slap.

Thewriters indicatethe series started with a slap and ended with one. During the first episode, Alicia slapped Peter when she found out about his indiscretions. Diane slapped Alicia during the finale because she felt betrayed by what happened in court. The writers indicated the progression of events showed how Alicia had become desensitized. When she was courageous enough to leave Peter, she had discovered she had become like him.

Many viewers felt they were left hanging.

Many viewers felt they were left hanging. They wanted to see Alicia and Jason live happily ever after, which would have been sappy. I enjoyed the series finale. But I perceived the characters differently than what the writers revealed. I did not see Alicia as a woman who became like Peter. Alicia was doing what she thought had to be done. She did not want to hurt her children or tear down their father. She was also working hard to build an honest career of her own. This is a definite challenge in the legal and political arenas. The evidence is the fact that Cary Agos decided to become a teacher.

Few indiscretions.

Her support system was practically non-existent.

Her mother drank, her brother was unpredictable, and her mother-in-law tried to undercut her. Alicia endured the humiliation of being cheated on publicly. Despite that fact, her only indiscretions were Will and Jason. Will was the love of her life before he was murdered.

Peter got what he wanted.

Peter was a selfish man who was driven by power and lust.

He always got what he wanted, including the marriage to Alicia who he could not fully appreciate. He even got the year of probation and no jail time he sought, thanks to Alicia. He was still selfish enough to feel comprised about giving up his career as the governor.

Diane was power-driven.

Diane was also driven by power and never understood that Alicia had a family.

Despite her high-powered career, she was still willing to be a victim to a man who cheated publicly. In the end, she slaps Alicia, as if it were her fault. Diane didn't recognize Alicia did it to save her daughter Grace's future. If Diane was really an empowered sister, those two women would have been commiserating over drinks.

Jason the man-child.

Jason was probably a figment of Alicia's imagination when she let go of Peter's hand. Jason was a man-child who could not commit to being a lawyer or staying in one place. Is this the transient life Alicia really wanted?Why fall into another Peter-type pitfall? Jason made Alicia laugh and feel more confident. She should use those positive feelings to control her own destiny.

Self-serving worm.

Eli was proven to be a self-serving worm. His final ploy to get Alicia to take over Peter's political position and power was a pathetic attempt to bolster his own career. It seemed he secretly always wanted to see Peter go down. He would do the same to Alicia, who I doubt will go down this rocky road.

Friend to the end.

Lucca was a friend and sister until the end. This meant Alicia was not really alone. She helped Alicia in court when she questioned Kurt and ensured Peter would get the best possible outcome. While she did encourage a relationship between Alicia and Jason, she seemed to be motivated by a desire to see Alicia happy and having fun.

Feel bad about the ending?

Alicia gave everything she had and was left feeling empty and betrayed.

She is an example of a modern woman who is trying to achieve balance in her life. Do we all make decisions like Alicia? Is that what makes us feel bad about the ending? I still refuse to see her as a victimizer. I prefer to see her as a survivor with a conscience and hope, unlike many of the selfish people who used her. She can do it on her own. I hope she enjoys her newfound and hard-earned freedom.

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