Rich Lowry recently opined that Hillary Clinton cannot explain to anyone why she should be president. Actually, the case is that she could offer such an explanation, but it would not be one that many people would find attractive.

The explanation would start with, “I have a black hole where my soul ought to be that can only be filled by the acquisition of as much power as possible. If I don’t become president, my life will have no meaning and I put up with Bill’s drama for nothing.”

In a way, the United States is fortunate that it is a republic and not a monarchy such as Westeros in “Game of Thrones” or one of the kingdoms on Middle Earth in “Lord of the Rings.” The American system limits the damage that a leader can wreck, as the last eight years of Barack Obama have proven.

#Hillary Clinton has a more than passing resemblance to Cersei Lannister, paranoid, evil, and itching to get the headsman busy decapitating her enemies. At least we have been spared the spectacle of having her paraded naked down Pennsylvania Boulevard  accompanied by clerics ringing bells and chanting “Shame! Shame!”

Why does Hillary Clinton want to be president? To quote Galadriel from the Tolkien novel, it is so that “all may worship me and despair!”

Next to Clinton, even ego maniacs like Donald Trump or grumpy old socialists like Bernie Sanders seem normal. Trump wants to make America great again. Sanders wants to start the revolution. Neither would express their desire for the presidency as self-aggrandizement, though both men are certainly aware that it comes with the opportunity to change America.

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Ambition without the talent to fulfill it is a rather unattractive quality. Almost every other Democrat (both Bill Clinton and Obama come to mind) would be able to put Trump away without breaking a sweat. But Ms. Clinton is such an incompetent candidate that she might just accomplish the improbable feat of making the mercurial real estate tycoon and reality show star president.

A Clinton restoration would a sordid pit of corruption and incompetence. The odds are even whether a Trump presidency will be a glorious restoration or an epic disaster, The country may be about to find out which is which.

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