Selling a film is never easy. You have to have just the right pitch for the public to eat it up and there are several rules to follow. Some films get viewers interested by telling the audience the entire plot in the trailer, but this scenario is usually reserved for the worst films. However, other films like to leave an air of mystery by giving the audience glimpses of the film without really telling them anything. The new Beauty and the Beast live action trailer is a perfect example of this. 

The details are vague

Disney has already done a live action Cinderella and Maleficent (based on Sleeping Beauty) and now they are tackling Beauty and the Beast.


The film stars Harry Potter's Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens  (The Tomorrow People) as the Beast. However, from the trailer you would never know who the main stars are. There are broad shots of set pieces like the famous mansion that the reclusive beast hides in, but never a full shot of anyone's face. There's never an introduction to any of the characters except at the end of the trailer where Watson's face can be seen briefly peeking over the famous stem rose in a glass case.

Otherwise you hear the conversation of talking candelabra Lumiere, voiced by an unrecognizable Ewan McGregor (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith), donning a faux French accent.

He is joined by Cogsworth (Sir Ian McKellen) the talking clock. McKellen's voice is immediately recognizable because he throws in the classic "you fool" line from his Lord of the Rings days, which is just so cool for fans of those films and is a great throwback/addition to the trailer in general.

Now these two are very well-known and respected actors. That alone makes them a huge selling point, but all the audience ever gets from the trailers are whispers about whether "she is the one" in reference to Belle. One could argue with the selling point, but so far its enough to keep you interested.


A tale as old as time

Those familiar with the Beauty and the Beast story know that it is a tale of transformation. It's about a shy girl who turns a ferocious beast into a civilized man again. Belle is that girl. The Beast, on the other hand, is more complicated. Ever since Disney turned Maleficent into a doting mother figure, its unclear what the background on this creature will be.

Will he be under a spell by a cruel witch or did his own character influence his beastly behavior? It's anyone's guess at this juncture, but so far it's clear that fans can expect great acting from a stellar cast, incredible costume and set design and that's pretty much it. All other bets are on the table as to where the story will take you. So this film is a watch just to see what it's really about and sometimes those are the best kinds of films.