On April 22nd news on the internet reported an announcement by the Centers for Disease Control that suicide in the United States had reached a thirty-year high with the most significant increases occurring among women and girls.

Steady downward trend for generations.

This announcement did not result in shocking reactions anywhere as the mental, physical, and emotional health of the American woman has been on a steady downward spiral for generations. The majority of American women have fibroids and a multitude of reproductive issues while the incidence of breast and cervical cancer continues.

Stress permeates female society with the number one illness of the

Stress is number one illness.

Stress permeates female society with the number one illness of the American woman being debilitating depression with upwards of 10 million women or about 10% of the adult female population (the figure is 15%  for European women) suffering from that ailment. Three million girls suffer from depression as well.

23% of American women in their 30's and 40's take anti-depressants and women are also the largest consumers of sleeping pills. Why doesn't the feminist-oriented media provide extensive coverage to the decline of the  American woman's mental, physical, and emotional health?

Has the government failed her?

Could it be because her substitute benefactor−the government−while providing her with aid to education, food stamps, medical care, equal opportunity hiring, pre-school and after school care for her children, and a minority classification and preference for government hiring and programs, has failed her and does not want the media addressing this issue?

Could it be the gross materialistic philosophy of feminism has broken down the structure that provided her with  spiritual sustenance and the  moral environment in which to nurture her children? Could it be that as she left the security of the home and entered the unnatural, impersonal, and competitive world of industry, she entered an environment contrary to one she was designed to function in? The universal nature of the male-female relationship consists of men providing the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it as humankind proceeds on its spiritual journey.

The Western psyche.

The Western psyche has a materialistic focus; therefore, it has difficulty in developing spiritual awareness, gender understanding, and family orientation; consequently, every facet of societal health is deteriorating. Western society is imploding because of its ignorance of these matters.

You will be hearing a lot more in my future articles about these three mainstays to human civilization and their inter-related significance with the intention of motivating you to live a more natural way of life.

I hope you will become a regular reader of these articles and will share their content with your friends.


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