If you're an pop culture junkie who believes the best jokes are funny because it's true, there are several sites that will satisfy your comedy craving. Here's a look at several websites that pick apart film, music videos and advertisements that will really make you question, "what did I just watch?"

Honest Trailers

Of all of the movie websites, Honest Trailers finds the most hilarious way to nitpick your favorite film while bringing up valid plot holes that you might have missed along the way.


The website is the brainchild of Screen Junkies and features the incredible buttery voice of Jon Bailey. Bailey is the voice for several film and video game trailers and no one says "bewbs" like he does. As an added bonus, he even says funny comments suggested by fans in his movie voice at the end of each Honest Trailer. If you want a hilarious second look at your favorite film, this is the way to go. While you're at it, check out the Honest Trailer for Deadpool featuring Ryan Reynolds. Yes, that Ryan Reynolds because Screen Junkies are so popular now that they are attracting more than just movie nerds.

Screenshot of Lion King Honest Trailer (YouTube)
Screenshot of Lion King Honest Trailer (YouTube)

How It Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) often works with the Screen Junkies crew because they produce the same kind of content. While Honest Trailers picks apart your favorite film, HISHE shorts give alternate endings and scenes to your favorite films in an animated form. Most subscribers to Showtime are familiar with the web series since many of its trailers are often aired on the channel in between commercials. In any case, it's a hilarious romp and if you're a fan of film, you'll be a fan of this. 

Bart Baker

Bart Baker parodies music videos in a way that has been done this awesomely since "Weird Al" Yankovic.


Picture your favorite artist, the video they've filmed to promote their song matched with an honest assessment of what the song, artist and video actually mean. You'll never look at music videos the same way. 


CinemaSins isn't funny as much as it is geeky. This is for the fanboy who like to notice film details that are mundane to the rest of the world but mean everything to the fanboy. It's the kind of website to drive producers crazy with the insane amount of nitpicking that this site does, but it does make you think, and that's what makes it brilliant. 


Cracked.com is a hodgepodge of hilarious videos, articles, and jokes.

One of the great videos that it has are the Honest Ads. It's basically the same thing as an Honest Trailer but it's aimed at commercial products and advertisements. Needless to say, after viewing these videos, you will really question the food that you put in your body and especially how its made.  

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