From “that’s so gay” to “no homo,” being a gay male in this society will get you a variety of catchphrases thrown at you. Originally, the term microaggression was limited to the unintentional insults by white people towards black people, like, “You’re pretty for a black girl,” however, over time, the term has become used to describe any unintentional insult towards any minority. Though you may not see what you say as being harmful, your words could perpetuate certain societal ‘norms’ and could be detrimental to people’s confidence. 

“But you don’t act gay!”

How’s anyone supposed to act, really?


By saying that a gay person doesn’t act gay implies that all gay people are expected to act a certain way. This is hurtful because the person is made to feel like an outsider in mainstream society and within his own society.

“Are you the man or the woman in the relationship?”

When two men are in a relationship, they’re still men. They don’t assume the role of woman or man, though one could be more feminine or masculine than the other. When people ask this, it’s obvious that they’re looking to find out what goes on behind closed doors and that’s rude.

The Gay Pride flag has become a cultural symbol. (Photo credit: Benson Kua, CC BY-SA 2.0)
The Gay Pride flag has become a cultural symbol. (Photo credit: Benson Kua, CC BY-SA 2.0)

“We need to go shopping together!”

Despite media’s portrayal of gay people, not all of them are fashionable. Also, gay people aren’t your fashion consultants.

“I have a gay friend. I should hook you guys up.”

Despite the fact that there’s a smaller population of gay people, gay men aren’t looking to be hooked up with everyone. Though it may be fun and innocent to play matchmaker, many get annoyed with constantly living in an episode of “The Bachelor.”

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

The year is 2016. It’s time to stop assuming that every man is straight and in a relationship.


“I’ve always wanted a gay best friend.”

Gay people, people of color, Islamic people, and others are not tokens for your political correctness.

“We should go to a gay bar!”

Unfortunately for you, some gay men prefer staying in and ordering food. How would it feel if every time someone found out that you were a hipster, they said, “We should go to a sushi bar,” even though you’re a vegan?

“So, you don’t like boobs?”

No, gay men do not like boobs. They stopped liking them after they switched to baby formula. However, not everyone made that switch.

“No homo.”

Often when straight men display affection to one another, there is this incessant need to say this phrase. Displays of affection are not gay, fellas. They never were and never have been.

“That’s so gay.”

How would you feel if every time something was bad, someone said, “That’s so straight?”

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