Star Wars Battlefront is having a free trial this weekend. It's definitely a well-desired and hyped up game, as it carries arguably the most legendary name in Science Fiction history – Star Wars Battlefront. There are some definite strengths to this game, but there are also some weaknesses that need to be addressed.


The graphics and sound are truly outstanding. You can see all sorts of landscapes from Endor or Tatooine's desert with outstanding graphics and ambient sounds that make you feel a truly immersive Star Wars experience that few games can match.


The dialogue for heroes can be a bit bland, though. Another strong point for Battlefront would include its multiplayer. It is in-depth and immersive and lets you create real strategies in real-time with teammates while you try to figure out your opponents next move or attack.

A third strength for Battlefront includes Star Card systems, which help create custom equips and types of classes for your playable character. Star cards involve the different equipment or machinery that characters use. Each Star Wars character uses two basic star cards and a charged star card that requires a pick-up to use.

They can be changes to ammo, shields, or even radars and pulses to help you detect the atmosphere or other opponents on the battlefield. The Heroes system also adds value with melee, support, and sharpshooter. These are acquired as battle pick-ups while playing Walker Assault of the Supremacy modes.


One of the downsides of this game include the uninspired modes for deathmatch or capture the flag as the number of situations you can be put in with these respective modes seems severely limited, giving players a sense of boredom without playing too many matches. A specific problem with one of the Battlefront multiplayer modes comes with Hero Hunt.


If you're stuck as part of the infantry line, you're going to be severely overpowered by Heroes or to grind out taking most of the Hero's health just to have a kill.

A larger flaw for Battlefront includes the repetitive feel due to the limited maps. The atmosphere is outstanding and the functionality of the multiplayer modes can be great, but many parts of the maps seem just thrown in for aesthetic effect, rather than serving any really useful purpose. Overall, this game is designed more for nostalgia than as a shooter game.

It's more for those who want to appreciate the subtle details and love of Star Wars without worrying too much about repetitive game modes or monotonous missions.