Terrorist attacks have so far been performed in different ways, however, they do have something in common, which is the technologyused in coordinating and organizing the attacks. Just like drug dealers, prostitution networks, and other organized crime groups, terrorists make use of prepaid cards and burner telephones to communicate easily and cheaper via talk and text, without connecting themselves to any kind of software or computer.

Software and social platforms have an important role as well.

Platforms and applications do have an important role in the radicalization and recruitment process.

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope allow criminal groups to spread out messages which can be easily accessed via any device, including burner telephones, by network members and adepts from all over the world. Thus, the ideas of extremists can be continuously re-updated towards their fanatics.

The Islamic Statehas thousands of accounts through which they share real-time information about their activities and they are also continuously attracting new members. There have been many cases in recent years when teenagers were being convinced by such messages into joining the terrorists.

Not only applications but forums and websites are also used by terrorists.

Online forums are another important way to spread information for radicalization and recruitment. On forums, messages can be longer and can also include text, images and links while they also encourage debates. They thus ensure exchanges of ideas, which are also important to the recruitments. Neo-Nazism, the post-World War II social or political movements, and other far-right groups are said to have been using a forum called “Stormfront”, the White Nationalist Community, since 1996.

Websites play an important role in the recruitment and radicalization process. For instance, the racist group Stormwatch has a website about Martin Luther King Jr. which seems to present biographic information, butin reality, it is used to attack King, questioning his motivation and morals.

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