Brazil is the largest country in South America with 27 states. For many years, the Brazilian economy has not been doing too well. Matters are compounded by widespread corruption. The poverty line is expanding, and one gets the feeling that the Brazilian people are frustrated. Perhaps this is one reason that Brazil is enveloped by an endemic problem of crimes against women, some of whom are just young teens. Topping this list is rape. It's a sobering thought that Brazil has the second largest rape count in the world.

The nation that comes first is the United States. Now, the USA is an affluent nation. Here the analogy of poverty and rape do not seem to go together.

Crime in Brazil

Brazil's 27 provinces do not maintain any figures of rape. In addition, many rapes are not reported. Crimesare rampant and many rapes are committed by youngsters. There was the case of a 16-year-old lad who was under the influence of cocaine and he raped a woman in a moving bus with a weapon in his hand. As per Brazilian law the boy would get away with a 3-year term in a correction home as he is a minor.

The recent rape of a 16-year-old girl is an example of a sense of frustration among the young. This rape has galvanized the people, but tens of rape cases are just swept under the rug. The conviction rate of rapists is abysmally low. One is also reminded of the rape of an American student in a moving bus by 2 men who also shackled the boyfriend of the girl and made him watch as they carried out their act.

Curtailing rape

Rape is a Crime that is in the statute books of all nations. Punishments are also clearly defined. Brazil is second on the list of most rapes, followed by India. The pride of place goes to the United States.Rape can never be stamped out, but committing rape can be made a costly proposition if deterrent punishment is meted out. In many cases, the police adopt a negative attitude. In Brazil, rape and crimes against women are endemic and a herculean effort will be needed to bring down the crime rate.

The rape of the16-year-old teen that has agitated the people and may well be the catalyst to bring change.

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