If you are planning to relocate to the UK from the USA, you need to know that living in the UK is becoming an increasingly hard task. The options to rent for students, young people and first time buyers are really poor. It is now even effecting the private sector, which is currently considered the only option due to the current house prices and housing situation in the UK.

Options limited.

It is now nearly impossible to rent somewhere decent as the options to rent a spare-room are very poor. Tenants could end up sharing with five or six people.

Many of these types of people are drug users or can be a bad influence and often you end up sharing a bathroom with overcrowded conditions. This can have a huge impact on your independence and hygiene and can be life-changing.


Recently I have had to deal with several evictions in a shared house due to the landlord selling the property. Again, I experienced places such as a 2-bed flat that I had to share with a drunk who later faced eviction and I had the Bailiffs coming around on a regular basis.

Sharing with children.

The price for a double room is usually very expensive and even then you put yourself at risk as you have to share with another family who may have children. Often students don't need the stress of a busy household and a loud house as they need time to study. If you have a full time job this can be difficult to hold onto due to your living circumstances.

Growing market.

There is also a huge demand for one or two bedroom houses or flats.

This means you have to save and compete with the ever growing market .This is due to the fact there is less housing available and options in the UK than there are for the people who need it and depend on it . Everyone needs a roof over their head but they also need to hold down a busy job and in some cases we have to give up our jobs to provide the roof over our head.


The government is letting in migrants who also need to be housed so the situation is becoming very bad.

The grim fact is that there are more people on our streets than before and homelessness is rising. Councils do not offer any support and it can be near impossible to get and obtain a council house.

No fixed address.

Finally the cost of renting from a B&B or hotel eventually adds up and employers do not consider this as a fixed address, which results in people also become unemployed. The simple answer is that there needs to be more affordable housing available or more support and options when you are looking for a place to rent.

The sad reality is that the UK is becoming a very grim and disgusting place with poor living conditions.

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