Recently in the news, especially concerning countries in SE Asia, there are very critical articles of the governments written by people who do not live in those countries. 

Recent changes.

Recently in the past two years, the Thai #Government has been changed. The leaders are trying to correct situations that have existed some 20 years and are doing a remarkable job. Peace has been restored. The economy is coming up again.

Stirring trouble.

However, there are those people in some countries who dislike the trend and use the translators and reporters of the country to report “ true news” of the situation, that is anything but true.

The translators and reporters are basically biased against the regime, want to get international attention for themselves, and effect changes that may not really benefit anyone in the country but themselves. They themselves have their own agenda they slip into the news and have it appear that they are just reporting, not actually interjecting anything, when in fact, they are injecting things that will stir trouble more.

Foreign reporters.

For starters, the foreign reporters who come have no ideas about Thai culture. Secondly, they cannot communicate with locals and need translators. Thirdly, they use people with ulterior motives to do their translations and aggravate the present regime.


More specifically, the present regime is enforcing laws of Lese Majesty and overly critical remarks of the government.

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In fact, the people who break the laws know what they face as punishment and still continue to do actions that get them in trouble. No surprise rules are brought up, just the ones they break, get them in trouble. Then the 'activists' get into the picture and make mountains out of molehills.

Reporters and agitators.

People like me, who have lived here several decades and know the culture and language but are never asked to comment. I am married to a Thai, have a Thai house and worked with the government more than 3 decades. I know the relations that exist within the borders better than many Thais do as I have traveled all over the country and have talked to the people in each area. I have witnessed the goodness of the King and all his projects as compared to the reporters and agitators who just ask those who will disagree with the regime. They ask Thai people who live in the USA or Thais who are caught in corrupt practices for their opinions.

 What it comes down to is people who do not know, should just mind their own business. Let the leaders do their best, which they are.   #World Politics #Crime