NASA found spectral evidence of hydrated salt on Mars, which led them to believe that liquid water might’ve been present on the planet. The hydrated salt strips that were discovered on Marscrater slopes could have been created by water flows. Scientists believe that the hydrated salt strips which appear on Mars are directly associated with the water flows periodically flowing on the surface of the red planet. For some time, astrophysicists assumed that these traces which appeared seasonally on Mars could be made from salty substances.

Water on Mars can lead to an increased assumption that microbes live on Mars. Moreover, astronauts that land on Mars could use the local provisions in order to keep themselves alive, if such substances are identified on the surface. Nowadays scientists ask themselves if liquid water is present on Mars’ surface, and it is not only a theory since the red planet’s temperature is usually 0 degrees Celsius and the atmosphere pressure is low enough to make the water strains boil once the ice melts.

NASA’s MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) sent data which might solve the mystery

With the help of an instrument called Crism, the MRO probe can determine the chemical structure of the red planet’s surface. Crism analyzed the obscure stripes from four angles and observed that they only appear during Mars’ summer season, disappearing afterwards. The instrument discovered that the stripes are covered with salts.

The identified salts can reduce the water’s freezing point by 80 degrees and can lower the vaporizing rate ten times. These combined factors are believed to make the water gatherings stable enough to make water flow on slopes and craters. However, the water in question might only exist at very low depths.

Joe Michalski, researcher at the Natural History Museum, believes that the announcement made by NASA is particularly interesting, especially since he has been involved in the research of the potential existence of microbe colonies on the surface of the red planet.

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