I spent this past week driving Mitsubishi's 6-cylinder SUV.

The "S" stands for stay-in-your-lane.

New Definition of Safety

There is a LOT of standard equipment that makes this SUV NOT feel like you are driving a cow.

Who hasn't been stuck in traffic behind a car you can't see from behind.

This SUV has spunk. And the mileage rating 23 MPG combined city/highway is definitely easy on the wallet, especially for a car with this much get up and go.

There was one safety feature - optional, that I thought was simply cool. Annoyingly effective. But definitely, can I say it?, fun to have.

Mitsubishi calls it a Lane Departure Warning.

Conversation on the Way to the Airport

"Beep beep beep." Went the Outlander. Not cars nearby.

My wife asks, "What's that noise? Why does it keep doing that?"

"It's the car," I responded.

"Why does it do that?"

"It will tell me when I have veered to the right of the lane line. Or when I switch lanes without signaling. Or when I slightly drift into another lane."

"Wow, so I can sleep. You don't need me to tell you how to drive?"

"No, the car has a built in back seat driver," I mumbled to myself.

"What's that?"

"This car is really cool, honey. It will tell me how to drive. You can relax."

New Lesson Every Million Miles

I have been driving forever. A million miles in my lifetime is no exaggeration.

I consider myself a good driver.

But I could NOT get from my house to my daughter's school to drop her off without the signal reminding me I got out of my lane.

I felt like I was in a video game. Really.

It became a challenge for me to get from here to there or there to anywhere without making the lane departure warning go off.

On each trip, the alarm sounded less often.


Becoming a Safer Driver

I found myself driving ever so more slowly, being much more conscientious about using my signal when switching lanes and just plain slowing down and staying safe. In about a week's time, I didn't hear the warning anymore. Did I become oblivious to it? No. I tested it to make sure it still worked.

I became an even better driver.

The car, did you read that correctly, the car's safety system made me a safer driver.

That feature alone is golden. Can we get it installed in EVERY car in California? Please. Please.

Specifications: In the image.

Price as driven: $35,195

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