As Campaign 2016 grinds on, Jon Stewart, the retired former host of “The Daily Show” resurfaced for an interview with Democratic operative David Axelrod at the University of Chicago. He had some very harsh words for Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democratic nominee for president. The former Comedy Channel leftwing funny man described Clinton as “inauthentic” and “robotic.” He even hinted that she might be a sociopath.

The problem, suggested Stewart, is that Hillary Clinton is a smart woman without the courage of her convictions.

He added that he didn’t know what those convictions might be. The admission was startling coming from a man who spent years as a scold against conservatives, leaving politicians on his side of the aisle with a light touch.

Needless to say, Clinton’s shortcomings as a candidate and as a human being will not move Stewart to vote for Donald Trump. He declared that he would vote for Mr. T before he would do that.

Stewart would probably not have been so harsh against a Democrat if he was still pontificating from his desk on “The Daily Show.” He saw his role as less of a disinterested social and political commentator skewing all sides equally and more of someone who used his skills to advance a cause.

However, one cannot but observe that Stewart has assumed a little more independence now that he does not have to cater to the small, but rabid audience who used to watch his show. Recently he decried Democrats in general for not selling what he thinks are the benefits of big government sufficiently. The lament may be an indication of how out of touch with reality Stewart is. Conservatives have had great success decrying big government because it does not have much in the way of benefits and has wrought a great deal of harm.

Still, many of Stewart’s fans and Stewart himself may be lamenting his departure from late night television. Who would have imagine that Donald Trump, whose character flaws are legion, has not only become the presumptive Republican nominee for president, but has a decent chance of winning that office? Stewart is now in now position to bolster Hillary Clinton nor tear down Trump with the visibility that he used to enjoy.

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