If you believe the views ofDonald Trump represent the views of an entire party, then you're mistaken, but the Republican Party may want to start thinking along the lines of damage control.

It's amazing what people allow themselves to believe and accept as truth when there are so many ways to gather information. People are, often, immune to facts and allow their emotions and opinions to dictate their arguments instead of evidence. People don't want to get it right anymore. They just want to be right.

Trump's evolution

Once upon a time, Donald Trump was an interesting watch in what was one of the precursors to this demon we've created and refer to as reality television.

The phrase "you're fired" found it's way into jokes and monologues, onto t-shirts and into the dawn of the meme era. Trump came off as harmless, entertaining, and sometimes funny in this highly watched series that gave a glimpse into the thought process of a man we all had heard of but really knew little about. He seemed harmless enough, right? We would learn how wrong we were and that nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump's bankruptcy

How do people with so much money end up with nothing? Many believe if they had a tenth of what those people had, they'd never be broke again. People like Trump are a different animal. He's cut from that cloth of men and women who are willing to risk it all just to gain a little bit more.

The lure of the winner's circle is well worth the gamble, and even though they have enough to last several lifetimes, it's worth it to put it all on the line for more. Still, that's not a reason to hate a guy. Trump's harmless right? Well not exactly.

Trump's hunger for more

If you've never been rich, as most of us haven't, you wouldn't understand, but there's these stories that keep popping up about people with too much money.

The late and great Notorious B.I.G. released a record called "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems" which served as both a warning and reminder to people that money doesn't and never will buy you happiness. Yes, you avoid having to shop at certain places out of necessity, but you're still open to boredom, loneliness, and worthlessness.

Trump has harmed a country and a political party

It seemed harmless to some when a rich man got bored, joined the presidential race, and used every opportunity to spew each hate-filled statement. There was something about a wall, kicking people out of the country, and incarcerating women who sought abortion. It was ugly but still believed to be harmless because there was no way the country we were born in, grew up in, and loved would allow someone so angry to rise to the top of a political party and possibly the country would it? It appears there was a miscalculation.

A political party in search of damage control

If you believe the Republican Party or the Democratic Party cares about the middle to low income class in this country, you're mistaken.

If you're under the impression for any reason that one is more angry or aloof to your issues, then you've been brainwashed. Trump's statements haven't just damaged this election's version of the Republican Party. He's created a rift that will take generations to heal because there are citizens, constituents, and voters who will walk into voting booths twelve years from now, and when they do so, they're not going to think the statements of Donald Trump are only the statements of Donald Trump and may not necessarily represent the beliefs of the entire Republican Party. They're going to think of that party and the only thing they'll remember is statements about women who have had abortions, kicking people out of the country and something about a wall.

We're a long way from "The Apprentice" and that guy in the show doesn't appear to be as harmless as we once thought.

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