August 1945: The sky blackened over Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the dropping of the two first developed nuclear devices. The people in those cities looked up to see a flash, then fire off the worst type of bomb to be released, even until today. No one in any other country can even begin to think what went on in the minds of those who were under those black clouds.  No one there had any idea of the outcome of the events that were to occur, except the US #Government. The poor pilot of the Enola Gay also had no idea of the destruction he was unleashing.

The true victims.

Who died in that area? Was it an army? No! In fact of over 200,000 instant victims, only 30,000-40,000 were soldiers and they were not even on active duty.

The real army was out in the countries Japan was colonizing and attacking at sea. Therefore, 210,000 old people, women, and children died in the flashes and they had absolutely no idea about anything going on in the #war

What could have happened?

If someone with really good intelligence had had the foresight to think correctly, the US military would have selected a small remote uninhabited island off the coast of Japan and said to the Japanese Government, "watch that Island over there,“ and dropped the bomb and then said, "this could happen to you!”  And then they could have done it a second time to another small uninhabited island if they did not surrender. The war was just about over anyway, with Japan running out of fuel, metal and other direly needed resources for wartime activities.

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Japanese effects.

If the bombs had not been dropped, the lives of many Japanese could have been much better. And in one way, the really most terrible, Japanese surviving ladies and men, soon to marry, had severe #history checks to make sure that they were not of “contaminated” heritage. Many ladies could not get husbands and remained single forever because of a doubtful past, as they came from the Hiroshima area. For a Japanese lady to not ever marry brings great shame to women and their parents.

Japanese greet me.

The Japanese greet me with great politeness and happiness. I am forever apologetic to them that I come from the country where their greatest sorrow originated. But they shrug it off saying I was not to blame. In one case a friend’s daughter was one of those tainted ladies. She died at age 35 from unspecified reasons, but I know why. The mother is always looking at her daughter’s photo on the shelf near the door and says how pretty she is. I do not think I would act the same were my child to have died in such a manner and in the shame of never marrying.

I admire her for her acceptance of me as an American, but I am not responsible for her sorrow.

No admission by Obama. 

Obama went to Japan but never really admitted we were wrong in dropping the bomb. It is a piece of bygone history. He indirectly said he was sorry for the event and subsequent aftermath, but that was it. I don’t really think we have fully understood what we did when we dropped the bomb; only the victims, the dead and the pilot do.