A Rasmussen poll out today shows Donald Trump pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton 42 to 37 and a Fox poll out Wednesday shows Trump ahead 45 to 42. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Hillary Clinton was invincible against Trump, or so much of the media reported. She was to cake-walk through her nomination in a  Democratic Party coronation worthy of royalty. However, Clinton proved to be a far worse candidate than Beltway Democrats had imagined.The problem isn't just that Clinton is unlikable. Trump has some pretty high negatives himself.


The difference is that Clinton is living up to her role as a typical Washington elitist with a severe aversion to telling the truth just when Americans are ready for a change.

Clinton vs. National Security 

On the other hand, Trump is saying what rank-and-file Americans are feeling and have felt for a long time. We live in a world where terrorism is a daily occurrence and growing in the scale of devastation. Today it is feared that another passenger plane, this one flying from France to Egypt, has been destroyed in flight over an ocean.

The threat of terrorism is creeping further into the consciousness of Americans, Europeans and people all over the world. Here in the U.S., our southern borders are more like welcoming mats than checkpoints. Collectively, Americans know it well and resent this administration's refusal to secure the borders. Clinton is part of this administration in the minds of most Americans. She represents it. That's huge political baggage to drag around sparsely populated campaign rallies. Trump has been clear on this issue.


His proactive stance is helping not hurting his campaign. It's simply a sign of the times -- the government's job is to keep Americans safe, but they don't feel safe.

Clinton the quintessential insider

For her part, Clinton speaks the jabberwocky of an entrenched Washington elitist. Meanwhile, federal court and FBI agents from multiple ongoing criminal investigations are interviewing Clinton's closest aides under oath while multiple lawsuits are against her are move forward. A candidate under multiple federal investigations is not what Democrats expected back when Hillary said she only used her Blackberry 'for convenience'.

Another Clinton  problem is that about as many Democrats support Bernie Sanders as support her and his backers think the Democratic Party's Superdelegates are rigging the race -- and they are right. Problem for Hillary is that it was supposed to be the Republicans fighting it out at this point in time, not her and Sanders.

Another more subtle issue for Hillary Clinton is that no one really knows what Bill Clinton has been doing all these years. They let him slide regarding his perpetual dishonesty before but don't seem so anxious to give him another chance to embarrass the nation.


Beyond the federal investigations, a loosey-goosey husband and a reputation for prevaricating on just about any topic, it's a deep mistrust of both Clintons that has Trump in the lead. 

Clinton vs. truth 

Clinton is not likable, she just isn't, but her presidential bid is largely failing from a lack of trust. Many leaders are unlikable but at the same time trustworthy and respected by those he or she leads.The bottom line is that people don't trust Clinton; to be sure, the Clintons don't trust each other, and proved it through the years. What the Clinton's share is an extreme addiction for unchecked power -- no rules, no transparency, just unbridled authority to sell influence, whether it's through the Clinton Foundation or from the White House. It isn't the likability factor that has stalled Clinton's return to the White House; people don't just not like her, they don't trust her.