It's a great time to be a fan of comic books. Marvel has provided ABC withAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. andAgent Carter, while also makingDaredevil and Jessica Jonesfor Netflix. Then there's theAvengers andX-Menfranchises that continue to produce Marvel movies.

DC Comics has ventured onto both the silver and television screens as well. An "Arrowverse" has been developed on the CW, consisting ofArrow,The Flash, andLegends of Tomorrow. CBS'sSupergirl has done a crossover episode with Flash, while Gotham is busy creating new origin stories for all of Batman's characters.Dawn of Justice prepares DC for their answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's movie franchise.

DC and Marvel Comics have a virtually endless supply of characters. Superman and Spider-Man have built-in fanbases, but shows likeMarvel's Jessica Jones have proven that more obscure characters can really connect.

These characters would make a great fit into the DCTV world, especially onDC's Legends of Tomorrow orSupergirl: the now-retired seriesSovereign Seven (S7) features a group of gifted aliens working together to save planet Earth after leaving home planets of their own.

Who are the 'Sovereign Seven'?

Every member of the Sovereign Seven is from a different world/alternate Earth, forced to leave for one reason or another.

They were all princes or princesses on their home planets.

  • Cascade –leader of the S7 asCyclops is the leader of the X-Men. Like Marvel's Nightcrawler, she can teleport herself and others from one place to another.
  • Network –has incredibly strong telepathy. When out of range of anyone else's mind, she becomes illiterate and unable to communicate verbally.
  • Indigo –capable of becoming completely untraceable at will and a master manipulator and super sleuth. Of all seven characters, the least is known about Indigo.
  • Reflex –imagine the Hulk with Flash-like speed. While his enormous size is the source of incredible strength, it also causes all of the typical problems for super-sized people living in a normal-sized world.
  • Finale –a super warrior with water world origins, she never reveals her face for fear that Mother Ocean will recognize her and punish her for destroying her home world.
  • Rampart –has the ability to create force fields. He is the McDreamy of the group and comes from a vaguely Muslim-esque culture.
  • Cruiser –has incredible telekinesis. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of energy – and thus, a lot of food. Skinny at first, over time his size begins to reflect his diet. When he has no food, he has no power.

Since Sovereign Seven is one of the few creator-owned titles published by DC, Chris Claremont would have to sign off on any of these characters showing up in any of the current DC universes.

Assuming he'd be agreeable, the gang fromS7could fit nicely into an episode or two of DC's Legends. Since they aren't from this planet, their Earthly inception can be at whatever time suits theLOT writers. Wherever the Legends show up, theS7mistakes them for enemies, and a huge battle breaks out, everyone showing off their different powers.

Before anyone dies, they realize they can get along, they help each other accomplish some goals and Rip Hunter and company move on.

Another option would be to throw them into an arc ofSupergirl, since that show frequently deals with aliens, and a group of young people who lost their home planets is an obvious fit for Kara Zor-El's world.

In their comic – which only lasted 3 years – they do have a run-in with Darkseid, who has already been alluded to in the Justice League movie series. Not that DC or Warner Bros. would have any reason to do so, but the team could make a cameo as Batman or Superman are asking around about Darkseid.

He could hear a story about Darkseid in a battle against seven alien superheroes and he not only lived, but won. How he made it against all seven would demonstrate how difficult he will be to stop.

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