Time after time the unconscionably left-leaning mainstream media in the U.S. reported in countless stories that Donald Trump would be eviscerated by Hillary Clinton should he become the Republican candidate. The Republican primary was going to be a bloodbath that would exit the party from prominence for a decade or more. Current polls show a very different general election shaping up. In contrast to manyMSM pundits and journalists' early predictions,the Republican Party is rallying behind Donald Trump and the outsider businessman has taken a 43.4% to 43.2% lead when national polls are averaged.

Several other new polls show Trump with a moresignificant advantage over Clinton.

Sanders still dogging Clinton

The former first lady -- whom says she was “dead broke” after she and husband Bill left the White House -- is yet to shake socialist-Independent turned Democrat Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, the FBI investigation into Clinton is full on and several other federal cases against the Democratic Party candidate are moving forward in the courts. At the same time, Clinton, who has sky-high polling negatives, continues to lose primary races and caucuses across the country. While Trump has his work cut out for him, Clinton seems to be moving backwards with the election just around the corner.

Twin polls show Trump leading

A new ABC news/Washington Post poll and a Rasmussen Reports poll published today show Trump ahead of Clinton by two points and five points respectively. The news comes after a recent Fox poll also showed Trump ahead of Clinton. In recent weeks and since Trump became the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, Clinton has sagged in poll after poll, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, even as Clinton has taken to prematurely pronouncing herself the Democratic Party’s nominee.

Democrats divided over Superdelegate ruze

Sanders, often referred to as a "sleeper" candidate, has revved up millions of voters who are angrily turning on the party’s convention process that stacks the deck with Superdelegates to assure a Clinton/establishment victory. Sanders’ supporters recently resorted to violence at Clinton campaign events, exposing deep fractures in the Democratic Party base that Clinton has been unable to mend.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is publicly vowing to stay in the hunt until the last primary vote is cast in spite of the huge Superdelegate ax waiting for him at the end of the Democratic Party gauntlet.

As poll after poll shows Clinton falling further behind Trump, the Republican candidate has turned his focus to the general election, hammering Clinton as crooked and says the Democratic Party is stealing the elections from Sanders with the Superdelegate ruze. Further complicating Clinton’s path to another term in the White House is the FBI investigation that suggests she prioritized convenience over national security by setting up an unsecured server in her house and potentially exposing classified information to hackers worldwide.

In a related case, the hacker known as Gucifer who claims to have had access to Clinton’s classified documents has pleaded guilty. It is not known what he told investigators, however multiple Clinton aides have been called to testify regarding Clinton’s use of an unsecured server to store and distribute classified and top-secret information.

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